Monday, 2 March 2009

The 76th Army Day Parade on March 1, 2009

At the Tea Reception, after the Parade, I took the opportunity to present the Army Chief, General Tan Sri Ismail Jamaluddin with my books. Contigent from the Military Police Corp. Contigent from The Royal Rangers Regiment
The Army Chief inspecting the Parade
A section of spectators from the Army's Officers Corp
Some of the PGB holders who could make it to the Parade. Notable presence was Captain Abdul Hamid SP. Kanang ak Langkau another SP & PGB holder couldn't make it.
Only twelve (12) SP and PGB holders were present to witness the 76th Army Day Parade at Sungei Besi Camp on March 1, 2009.
The riddle as to why I was never invited to the Army Parades the last few years is now solved. Since I moved out of KL to Taiping 5 years ago, they have not updated my postal address. The same goes to many other Bravery Award Receipients. The Army Secretariat could have asked for the correct address from the Veterans Department who keeps updated records.
For the first time we stayed at the grand new Wisma Transit Kuala Lumpur - a transit for officers, soldiers and their families, replacing the old Transit Camp at Ampang. It is self sufficient with its cookhouse, cafeteria and a shop to cater for soldiers needs.
With fully airconditioned rooms and fittings that you'll find in a 3/4 star hotel, it really is a luxurious treat for soldiers, who all these umpteen years have been given facilities well below par. They deserve such treatment. Well done to the Army.


  1. Pardon me, is that the service dress for the Rangers? Wearing a sarong? Is that correct?

    S. Assan

  2. Dear Lt Colonel,

    u have shifted to Taiping? i was born in Taiping


  3. Yes, I have, since 2004. If you are born in Taiping join my Club: Kelab Cintai Taiping. Just go to facebook Cintai Taiping Group (this the sister fb).