Friday, 20 March 2009

I'm Missing My Golf

I'm Missing My Golf I am missing my golf. I have not played for the past one year due to a very bad left shoulder joint. I did not know how it happened. I couldn't remember having a fall. I remembered the little nagging pain at first, when I did my morning exercises. It got worse by the day until one day I couldn't stand the throbbing pain anymore. Any little movement I made would send the sharp pain shooting up throughout the arm and shoulder. I had to go to the hospital (the new extension of Taiping Hospital mainly for the not- so- serious illnesses). I was referred to a physiotherapist. The place was new and she was the only one running the place. It was ok when I was alone but when other patients began to come in, she had difficulty attending to all of them. I remembered during one of those day, she was massaging my arm with a massaging machine. Another man was walking in and out waiting for his turn. She told him to do some workout on an exercise machine. Being new, the man didn't know how to use the machine and I noticed the physiotherapist was ignoring him. I didn't have the heart. So while I was being massaged, I began to give instructions to him on how to use the machine properly. After a few sessions I began to lose faith and decided to try the other one at the main hospital. That too did not last long. What they did was what I was doing at home - the warm/hot water bottle treatment. After a few months, it was getting better. Then one day on July 1, 2008, we had a reunion in Sibu. The next day we went up the Rejang River in a rented old luxury boat. With about 30 people crammed onboard, it was labouring up the mighty Rejang. It was keeping mostly to the middle of the huge river - a fatal mistake which almost cost some lives. Hardly half an hour later, the boat rammed into a sand bar in the middle of the river. It caught us off guard. Most of us who were sitting on the side of the boat were thrown off. Some were sprawled on the deck and others were thrown against the wall. I was on the upper deck with my grandson. He was thrown forward and if not for the raised floor, he would have gone through the opening and fell down to the lower deck. As for me, I was thrown against the railings at the opening. I was caught fully on the bad shoulder. It became swollen and the pain was excruciating. For the next one year I gave the shoulder a complete rest. No golf for me. Today, after a year, it has recovered by about 90%. That 10% seems to be very stubborn and there is no sign of complete recovery! I don't have the patience anymore. If it is not going to recover in the next one month, I'm going to a doctor to have it injected with pain killer. Anyone out there who have suffered the same illness and share your experiences to recovery?


  1. Hello Mr Robert,
    I can understand what pain your are going thru, and it can be so annoying and stressful,because the pain is constantly negling you.
    The next time you are in Singapore,try the Osteopathic Treatment Centre. You must request to see Dr David Tio.He is really good. Both my hubby and myself are ok now.
    Try him,and Good Luck.

  2. Thank you Alice for your suggestion. I'll try the locals first but I'll keep Dr David Tio in mind....who knows.

  3. Robert,

    ,,,as we age, our body starts to ache everywhere at times but try this simple treatment first ?
    ,,,Get rid of the gallstones from your gallbladder by the natural treatment cos. once the body is cleared of gallstones, most of the joint pains you and I suffers with age will go away !. Am about your age too, done this treatment that I happened to learn from Google by chance...and indeed, almost all such shoulder/neck/arm pains are gone plus am back in very good health too.

    1. Just drink 1 x glass of fresh green apple juice for 5 nights. (from 3 to 4 apples)
    2. 6th night drink 1 x table spoon of EPSOM salt in a glass of warm water at 0600 pm and again another 1 x spoon of EPSOM salt with warm water at 0800 pm and at 1000 pm drink a glass of 1/2 Olive Oil and 1/2 Lemon juice mixed.
    3. That's it !! will shit out green color gallstones and they will floot in the toilet bowl, on the same night plus more the next morning !!
    4. You will feel the effect of the treatment almost immediately, very active again plus full of energy !..why so ? your Liver is able to function properly once the gallstones are not blocking its biles flow and able to produce fresh healthy blood for your body !. These fresh new blood will give you the extra energy plus clear the blockedvains etc that causes all the pains in your shoulder/back etc.
    ,,,Drink apple juice every day plus lots of water for your body too. Our body needs lots of water to remain healthy, so DRINK water !! exercise too.
    ,,,repeat this treatment every 3 to 4 months for the 1st year and later once every year.
    ,,,Drink fresh Lime Juice if you want to clear kidney stones naturally.
    ,,,Eat PETAI if you need extra energy !.
    ,,,Eat SERAI for anti-cancer.
    ,,,Eat GARLIC to maintain good memory.
    ,,,Take 2 x table spoon of Olive Oil daily to clean your internal system plus to remain healthy.



  4. Dear Capt,

    Thank you for the advice. Will try it out.

  5. hi Robert again,

    ,,,try massaging your shoulder with minyak urut gamat dari Langkawi ! .. it normally will help the injured muscles/vains/nerves and rid of the pains etc.
    ,,,i suffer from sports injuries often at my age nowadays but urut using gamat oil has always helped me too. But get gamat oil dari pulau langkawi, their's the best !!.

  6. Hi Capt's,

    It didn't help. I bought a few dozens in Langkawi. Thanks anyway. I'm thinking of giving it a jab. I tried to play golf a couple of times but the pain is still there and I couldn't play to my usual self. I couldn't stretch the shoulder fully as the pain did not allow it.