Sunday, 31 October 2010

Update No. 2 for National Heroes Mousoleum Project.

As a follow up of the first meeting on 23 October 2010, a special committee comprising of six SPs and PGBs from the Army and the Police Force sat again on 30 October 2010 to decide and finalise on what actions our Association need to take regards the National Heroes Mousoleum and registration of the SP and PGB Association of Malaysia.
We decided on the following actions:
1. Register the Association first.
2. Only after the registration will we write to the National Heroes Mousoleum main committee in the Prime Minister's Department on our requirement.
I chaired the meeting / discussion

Monday, 25 October 2010

Update No. 1 for National Heroes Mousoleum Project

I was chairing the meeting. Col Roslan PGB, Dato' Abdul Kadir PGB, Lt Kol Jalil Makmor PGB, PW1 Ahmad Adnan PGB. Dato' Salehuddin PGB, Kapt Hamid SP, PW2 Ielias PGB at the far end. Maj Sameon PGB giving out his opinion.
As a follow up to my pledge to bring the matter up to the attention of the highest Authority, I called for a meeting with as many SP and PGB holders around KL and Johor as possible. I do not want to be seen shouldering the problem alone. As an Association, we must collectively solve any problem that affect all of us.
The first meeting was held on 23 October 2010 at 10.00 a.m at the Ex-Services Association of Wilayah Persekutuan, Jalan Bellamy, Sg Besi, KL. A decision was made in the meeting to form a working committee to discuss the matter in depth, come up with a solution, put it in writing and to be handed over to the highest Authority - the PM or the Defence Minister.
I was made aware that a similar project is already on the drawing board, under the purview of the Prime Minister's Department.
Following are the details:
1. Location: Near to the National Monument, behind the Administative and Diplomatic Service Association Club and secretariat building along Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin.
2. Size of Area: 6 hectar site.
3. Estimated Cost: RM18 million.
4. Under the purview of the prime Minister's Department and City Hall.
5. City Hall is to design the landscape.
6. The government will decide who are to be buried there.
7. To cater for 500 burial plots - 250 for muslims and another 250 for non-muslims. These two areas will be segregated by a buffer zone planted with big trees.
8. Implementation: Under the 9th Malaysia Plan.
If this plan has been firmly decided, then what remain for us to do is to ensure recipients of the SP and PGB are included among those who will be given a place in the mousoleum.
Personally I feel, the area is small. There will be little space for future expansion. Though the location is ideal, it would be better if it could be relocated to a bigger area to cater for expansion and building of facilities such as the "Hall of Fame" and mini museum where pictures and stories concerning the heroes could be displayed for the future generation to know and read. Another meeting to discuss the details is scheduled for 30 October 2010 at the Ex-Services Association (PBTM) Jalan Bellamy, KL.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Trip to Mulu National Park, Miri, Sarawak (World Heritage)

We left Penang for Kuching on 7 October 2010 and stayed the night in Kuching's Harbour View Hotel. The next day we left for Miri and stayed at Dynasty Hotel, where we were going to have our reunion dinner on 9 Oct 2010. The dinner was great - meeting old classmates and schoolmates we had not seen for 45 years. Most of us were more than 60 years old. Many younger schoolmates also attended. Next day on 10 October 2010, we went to visit our old school. The school, now a college, was almost beyond recognition. RM30 million was pumped in to rebuilt the school. The old hostels had gone. The old building that remain (for the time being) were the two blocks of classrooms, the Assembly Hall and the School Administrative office. We walked down to the cliff, through the old tennis and basketball court. We could see much from the top. We were told that the rocky beaches that had been our playing ground had became private property and had been fenced off by Shin Yang. What a tragedy!!! On 11 october 2010, we went to Mulu National Park - a twenty minutes flight by Mas Wing. Unfortunately we couldn't stay in Mulu National Park as at that time electricity supply was disrupted. We couldn't imagine staying in rooms with no airconditions and even fans! The pictures of my uncomfortable nights in my longhouse (no electricity) came to mind. So we moved to Mulu Resort, an international standard hotel. Rentals of rooms were however quite high - RM385.00 per night. For visitors who want to rough it out, there are plenty of cheap alternatives. On the whole, we enjoyed our two nights stay there. We regretted we couldn't see more of Mulu. Rest assured, we will return one day. On the way up Melinau river to see our first Penan village and caves. The river was quite shallow and the boatman had to be experienced to know which part of the river to negotiate, otherwise the boat could get stranded on the gravel riverbed. The OBMs used were the short shaft.
Some of the beautiful stalactites and stalacmites in King's Chamber.
Some have joined together. It is said that a centimeter took 100 years to form. Imagine how long it took to form these stalactites and stalacmites. Now one knew how old the cave is.
You have to be reasonably fit to climb up to the caves. This one has 200 steps.
On completion of the trip, we had a group photograph with our boatman and his assistant.

Tanjong Lobang School Reunion 101010

Finally the Reunion took place on 101010. We had planned it on 080808. Unfortunately it coincided with the Beijing Olympic and had to be postponed. I was in TLS from 1962 - 1967 (Form One to Lower Six). Midway through Lower six, I went for my Army Cadet training in the Royal Military College, Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur for two years. In 1972 the school became Tanjong Lobang College and later renamed College Tuanku Dato Haji Bujang (the Governor of Sarawak). Although almost completely rebuilt and almost unrecognisable, it was many shades lower than what it was during my time. Indeed he number of students are very much reduced. We lamented over it and wish it could gain the same status of MCKK (Malay College Kuala Kangsar) where many leaders were made. During our time too, Tanjong Lobang School had made many of the Country's leaders.
Some of us posed infront on the School's Administrative Office.
I'm standing on extreme left.
We presented a token "scholarship" to two outstanding students.
The girl on the left is a Penan
With my two grandchildren outside my Form 5 classroom.
I was sitting on the same table and spot in my form 5 classroom.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

PD Garrison Military Police 27 Feb 1953.

PD Garrison Military Police made up of the Malay Regiment personnels.
Standing back row L to R: LCpls: A. Bakar (4605), Ismail (3083), Mustaffa (4619), Ahmad (2092), A.W Musa clerks MRMP (3092), A. Latiff (6712), Musa (3429), Mois (3038), Amin (3675), Sabdin (3567)
Standing middle row L to R: LCpls: Ghazali (2858), Abu (6923), Hanafi (3002), Nasir (3390), Jamil (3827), M S Abdullah sgt (2976), U Hakim, Cpl (5440), Karim (2456), A Bakar (3547), Jamaluddin (5291), Jaafar (4982).
Sitting L to R: Major W. Carruthes (M.B.E) D.A.P.M HQ Malaya, Sgt B.J. Potts NCO i/c MRMP, BGD R.H. Maxwell (C.B.) (A.D.C.) P.M. War Office, Col. T.H. Grayson (O.B.E.) P.M. GHQ FARELF, Major A.B. Tomes. CAMP. GRN. Q/M. I was sent this old photograph by a relative of a British serviceman who had served in Malaya during the First Malayan Emergency 1948 - 1960. Would I be interested in the photograph? Of course I do. He will be sending me the original copy of the pic. Thank you Kevin. I will make an inquiry with the Royal Malay Regiment or the Armed Forces Museum to find out where it should finally be kept. Anyone out there who would like to take up my offer? Contact me at 012 2751171 or email
18 November 2010
I received the original photo from Kevin Randell of the UK today. I will have to find out to whom I shall be handing it to. The Royal Malay Regiment museum in Port Dickson or the Armed Forces Museum in KL? And as I had promised him, I will have to find the money to reimburse him the postage - 8 pound sterling in all ( that should be about RM60.00).
6 March 2011
During the tea reception after the Army Day parade on 6 March 2011, I oficially handed the photograph over to PTD, Gen Tan Sri Zulkifli. He was appreciative and will be writing personally to thank Mr Kevin Randall of the UK for donating the photograph.

Presenting the photograph to the Chief of the army in conjunction with the Army's 78th Anniversary on 6 March 2011.

A letter of appreciation from the Chief of the Army to me.