Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Prayer Answered? Telepathy? Coincidence?

A Prayer Answered? Telepathy? Coincidence? This is the letter that gave Singapore the win over Pedra Branca.
Call it what you will, but I was totally surprised by the little incident today (March 14, 2009) that involved the letter above.
Let me tell you how it happened.
I was trying to find an article I wrote and stored in my computer. Sometimes, trying to find them can be a headache.
I sort of "turned my computer upside down" and still couldn't find the article. I almost gave up. One topic caught my eye: The document that gave Singapore the win over Pedra Branca (Pulau Batu Puteh). I wanted to send it to my Extanjong Forum some months ago but had forgotten. So I decided to send it immediately.
A while later, Professor Hasmadi's email appeared. He thanked me for the document. He said he was awake till about 2 a.m. last night trying to figure out how he could get hold of this same document that I had just sent a while ago. He said it was an important document he needed very much for an article he was writing. (Professor Hasmadi, a Sarawakian, is currently with University Brunei Darulsalam and I am in Taiping, Perak.)
What do you think? Was that a prayer answered? Or was it telepathy? Or was it pure coincidence. For me, it could be a combination of all three. But what a bizarre incident it was for me that left me wondering how on earth it could have happened!

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