Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Golf Course is Attacked by Wild Boars

This is Hole No. 4, par 5 with Maxwell Hills in the background. The Detention Camp is on the right of the fairway.
These are the daily sights and conditions that we see
everyday on the golf course.
The wild boars come by the dozens at night to bulldoze the fairways and even the greens of KEM TAHANAN GOLF CLUB (KEMTA) in Kamunting, Taiping, Perak, in search of earthworms. It is a 9-hole golf course maintained by the detainees. Based on the entrance fee of RM200 and a monthly subscription of RM20 it could be one of the most affordable in the world and most friendly in this time of economic difficulty.
If you want to exercise, this is the place because there are no caddies nor buggies. You have to carry or pull your own golf bags.
There is no need to fix a flight in order to play. Just come to the club at about 7.30 a.m and wait for other golfers to arrive and fix a flight insitu.
During rainy days, the fairways can be very soggy and be prepared to lose a lot of balls, even on the the fairway itself.
The management have tried its best to stop the wild boars from coming in but apparently, they are fighting a losing battle. The Chinese here are not keen in wild boar meat. The Ibans from Sarawak said wild boars in Semenanjung don't taste as good as Sarawak's. No wonder, the Chinese here are not keen to hunt them. So with no dangers from hunters, their population grew and grew! I even spotted a few going along by my fence early in the morning!


  1. Sir,
    The wildboar really desprate. Like our case in Ulu..there is certain time the wildboar will crossing the Sungai Batang Baram but not this year. We called it as phenomenon.

    I have suggestion to stop the wildboars by using the low voltage of fence but this will cause high cost.
    I suggest the management to plant the tapiocca outside the boundary. Like i said, the wildboars is desprate of food.
    Best Regard;
    The Founder of Penemuruai.

  2. Thank you Penemuruai for your suggestions. Fixing a low voltage wire fence is good but the club cannot afford it. Planting of tapioca outside the area may be possible.

  3. Hi
    A pity that such beauty can be destroyed by animals looking for food!

    My suggestion is to get our friend CS to bring his gun during the fruit season.

    He only needs a small camp and salai and kasam equipment ...of course away from sight.

    Do you need to licence to hunt in Kedah?

    CS would be delighted to be the licensed wildboar terminator. Please let us know.