Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Finally, after two years of dispute - a problem percipitated by the Secretary General of the Association, SRVA was deregistered on 14 April 2015. After his sacking by the President, the Sec Gen refused to vacate his seat and continued to worsen the situation within with his supporters until it was just impossible to sustain the Organisation. The only way out was for it to be deregistered so that the rebellious faction is purged and a new Organisation formed.

I, as the President of SRVA, however is opting out and will not be involved in the new Organisation.

Good bye SRVA. It was a dream unrealised. Sad. It had been a mistake on my part in taking the Sec Gen into the Organisation but then at the onset I had no choice. Never know there are still dishonest and untrustworthy people out there who only think of their own pocket and rice bowl.