Saturday, 17 August 2013


1.   Sarawak Rangers Veterans Association (SRVA).    Formed about a year ago, I still have not achieved the desired results. We have about 1300 members to date. Recruitment is ongoing. We have opened up branches in Lundu, Sri Aman, Kanowit/Julau and Miri.  The target is to have a branch in every towns throughout Sarawak.

      Finance is a big problem to keep SRVA going. We cannot depend solely on handouts. We have to make our own money through business endeavours. A number of businesses that we had planned earlier felled by the wayside. Even the 3000 acres that we were promised by the State is now gone. We have seen the Chief Minister recently to ask for an alternative site and hopefully the final answer will be good for the ears. Amongst what we are planning are:

      *     A PLKN camp for the training of National Service. We will have a branch specially for Jungle
      Tracking and Jungle Survival Academy.

      *     A 6000 acres Palm Oil Estate.   This is to enable us to generate enough fund for us to create a
      Cooperative for the benefit of all members.

      *     A few business endeavours, if realised can strengthen our financial independence.

      The inaugural AGM is coming up sometime in October 2013.

2.   Love Taiping Club (Kelab Cintai Taiping).   I also have formed the club a year ago, solely to help the Local Authority in making our town into a better place. So far we have stuck to our plans. The inaugural AGM is also coming up in a month's time.