Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Passing of a Dear Friend.

Death is always unpredictable. It can come unexpectedly. Even the most healthy can fall victim. One need not be sick to die, as shown by a dear friend, Anthony Belon - a friend. a relative and a schoolmate.

He was known to have no ailment and he was quite fit for his age. He must be about 60 years old and had just returned from a long jungle trekking into an Indonesian long house just across the border of Sarawak to do some missionary works.

I met him at a mini reunion organised by Datu Adi Badiozaman, just for me, when I came to Kuching on 23 November 2011. In fact he made a very recent entry in his blog dated 26 December 2011.

In the picture on the left, Anthony Belon is sitting in the centre.

Left to Right:        Datu Adi Badiozaman, me, Mrs Patrick Panai (Anne Tze), Thomas Iboh, Dr Dayang Mordeana, Peh Her Seng (of the burning film projector fame in Tanjong Lobang School in the 60s), Patrick Panai, a close friend since School days and Abdul Rahman Abdullah (a few years my junior). Anthony Belon is not in the picture as he was a little late. We were all from Tanjong Lobang School. Dayang and Rahman are the junior ones who went to Tanjong when it became Tanjong Lobang College in the 70s.

May I take this opportunity to offer my heart-felt condolence and sympathy to the family of the late Anthony Belon. I hope they can find strength in this trying and sad moment. May his soul rest in peace.

I was told he died of dengue fever and pneumonia at Ampang Puteri Hospital, KL on 2 January 2012. His body was flown back to Kuching on 3 January 2012.

We received the sad news today
that a dear friend has passed away.
We are struck dumb
wishing it was a false alarm.
As more news trickled in,
uncertainty turned into reality.
We have to accept God's ways
to charter our lives and destinies.
It seems yesterday that we were talking,
sharing, laughing, arguing about nothing.
Wasn't it only yesterday we reminisced the tanjong days?
An era in our lives that we'll cherished always?
Why O why you leave us so sudden?
We'll miss you at the many mini reunions.
We'll miss your dear company.
Your jokes made us laugh in glee.

Good bye Jang Tony - good bye forever.
You have preceeded us to see our Maker.
May you find the elusive peace and harmony.
May you be rewarded in a life of eternity.

You'll live on in our hearts.
You will be forever remembered.
Though our eyes will see you no more - that's certain.
Our hearts can see you through the impenetrable curtain.