Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Brig Gen Stephen Mundaw - the first Iban General.

Mark this date: 1st November 2010. This was the day an Iban Officer was promoted to a General. He was the first Iban to become a General in the Malaysian Army since Sarawak became independent in Malaysia on 16 September 1963. If you want to look further; he was the first Iban General in the long history of the Malaysian Rangers when its predecessor the Sarawak Rangers was formed by Rajah Charles Brooke in 1962. With this promotion, inadvertently, "an Iban allocation" might have been created. When Stephen leave, another will have to take his place. Are there any Iban officers around who are capable of taking over his place? I don't see one around. There are currently two serving officers but they are muslim converts and that will not fit in the "Iban Allocation". This point out the glaring fact that there are very few Ibans Officers in the Malaysian Army today. The Ibans community must do something to ensure this "Iban Allocation" is always taken up by a full-fledge Iban General. The grooming circle must start to ensure there is always a candidate at hand. Congratulation and well done Brig Gen Stephen Mundaw. You have done the Ibans proud. Do what you must to ensure you have a candidate to take over your hot seat when you leave in a not- too-distant future. Meanwhile we wish you the best in your undertakings.
The Chief of the Army and Stephen's better half pinning the rank insignias on Stephen Mundaw.
A Datukship for Gen Stephen
It was expected. However, the speed it came was unexpected. 
General Datuk Stephen Mundaw was awarded a Datukship by Sarawak in conjunction with the 
Governor's birthday on 24 September 2011. It was considered a feat, considering that getting awards from Sarawak is never easy.

Congratulation Datuk. We are proud of you.