Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Forming Love Taiping Club (Kelab Cintai Taiping)

Out of the sheer desire to unite Taipingites and to help the Local Municipal Council to keep Taiping town spick and span had prompted the founder, Lt Col Robert Rizal Abdullah PGB (Retired), to form Kelab Cintai Taiping (KCT) in facebook on 26 March 2012.

Started with a few family members, it soon grew very rapidly. Within a month, membership had reached 2000 - a figure we are very proud of. Even many Taiping groups that were formed earlier couldn't reach the figure we had attained in such a short time. Syabas KCT.

The first get-together and a brief meeting was done on 29 April 2012 at the Coronation Pool. It was the first time that many of the members had seen and met each other. For some it was a reunion.

A protem Committee  was formed with the founder, Lt Col Robert Rizal Abdullah (Retired) unanimously elected as the Protem President. Full list of the Protem Committee Members are as follows:

President:                            Lt Col Robert Rizal Abdullah PGB (Retired)
Deputy President:                Cikgu Bakar Ali.
Secretary General:               Cikgu Manaf
Assistant Secretary:             Cikgu Latifah Nordin
Treasurer General:               Puan Shirley Idris
Assistant Treasurer:             Puan Harizan Haniff.
Committee Members:          Cikgu Sivanathan Vello
                                           Lt Cdr Rosli Ahmad TLDM
                                           En Azham Hasim
                                           Zul Annmedia
                                           Puan Norliza Din
                                           Cikgu Aeinid Abdullah
                                           Raja Aimin Zulaikha Raja Malek
                                           En Ashruf Khan

We are in the process of making arrangement to register KCT as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). Once we are registered, KCT will elect a new set of Committee Members to lead it for the next 2 terms, through its first Annual General Meeting (AGM).