Sunday, 19 December 2010

Soldiers of the Sarawak Rangers (1953 - 1963). Part 1.No. 1 Platoon.

Following the successes of the para-military Iban Trackers in the insurgency war in Malaya from 1948 till 1952, it was felt there was a need to reform them into a full-pledge military unit So at the end of 1952, they were reorganised into two experimental platoons. In March 1953, they officially became the Sarawak Rangers, which like all other military units was subjected to the Military Laws. They didn't disappoint. Almost immediately, in their first operation, they made their first contact with the CTs and had their first success. All these while I had been talking about the faceless Sarawak Rangers. We had heard of their exploits, the many bravery awards they had been bestowed with. Twenty one of them were killed during the 12 years of fighting from 1948 to 1960. Amazingly small numbers, bearing in mind that they were at the front most of any operations. They were just names only. Here I'm trying to give them the faces but sadly, most are nameless. There are no records available in Malaysia that I could use to identify each and everyone of them. I am hoping for the surviving members to help me identify their comrades.

Rgr Sengalang ak Uyang
9001145 LCpl Makam Barieng

Kpl Adrian ak Tandang

Rgr Kriding
Cpl Anyau
Rgr Salleh
LCpl Nyanau
Rgr Sridu
LCpl Bujang
Rgr Bejong
Rgr Yangka

Rgr Yuni
Rgr Klipan


  1. the no 12 photo is just like my grandfather,i show him the picture and he say it is him,his name is sengalang anak uyang,waren officer,from kapit.

  2. Thank you Anonymous for the information.

  3. ENGKAMAT ANAK ANIN (NO FF1577 ENG) mengikut dlm pingat,asal sungai ayat,katibas song.(gambar no 2)

  4. Anonymous,

    Can you identify again which one is Engkamat in the picture?

  5. selamat betemu tuan robert rizal abdullah,gambar bergandig 2 ke7 sebelah kanan.slps gambar lcpl makam baring.adalah gambar datuk saya,Tr buda anak jalak,nanga menalun,sg poi tentera beliau 900071 .kami berharap pihak tuan boleh berjumpa dgn beliau,skrg beliau dah tua uzur,dn ada lagi rakanya yg pernah berjuang dulu tngal serumah dgn beliau.dan ini no tel saya cucu beliau 019 8725861.sekiranya tuan berhasrat berjumpa beliau dn rakan,mungkin tuan boleh menilai dan membantu beliau dan rakan,harap pihak tuan boleh mempertimbangkan hasrat ini,

  6. Abak aku sengalang ak u abak...lov sita

  7. selamat malam. senang bisa bertemu di pages sini. Aku minta bantu kepada brothers Dayak (all native people of borbeo) di sarawak dan sabah untuk mengisi / melengkapi Daftar-tokoh - tokoh Dayak ( List of figures Dayak) di wikipedia :

    kami di indonesia tidak mengetahui banyak tokoh Dayak Malaysia. itu semua untuk memberikan gambaran ataupun pengetahuan tentang tokoh seluruh Dayak (borneo native people).