Monday, 6 December 2010

My Black Saturday

A BLACK SATURDAY We have heard of a Black Monday but have you heard of a Black Saturday? I did last Saturday 4 Dec 10. I and Mrs drove to KL from Taiping, Perak at 4 a.m to attend a Hai-O seminar scheduled at 9 a.m on the same day. It was a very long and tiring day for us. The seminar was over at about 12 p.m. followed by a Hai-O 18th anniversary and presentation of awards for the new Crown Diamond Managers which lasted till 9 p.m. We decided to go back to Taiping right away. On the way we stopped by the Jejantas R&R (near Sg Buloh) for a bath to refresh ourselves and then performed the solat. The Mrs decided to drive first. I was to take a nap so that I could take over the driving when she became too tired. Half way, she realised she was sleeping on the steering wheel for a fraction of a section but that was enough to attract the car behind us to give her a honk. She had apparently veered towards the divider. From then on I took over the driving. All was well until we reached Taiping. By then it was 1 a.m and I was dead tired. My eyes was heavy and my concentration was at its lowest. About a kilometer from our house I tried to overtake a car without giving the overtaking signal and almost ram a motorbike who was trying to overtake me. Then 200m from my house I reached a T junction. I stopped as I saw a car coming from my left. Another car coming from my right wanted to go into my road but couldn't as the road was not wide enough. To make matters worse, the car coming from the left also wanted to turn into my road. Seeing the situation we were in, that car stopped, giving me enough room to move out. As I was about to drive through the gap, a couple of pedestrians crossed infront of my car. I braked in time to avoid running over them. My God!!! What a day!!! As soon as I reached home, I hit the bed and tried to forget what had happen. That was my Black Saturday.

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