Tuesday, 7 December 2010

"Kecepak" plant - a cure for athritis and general body pain?

A "kecepak" plant
A month or so ago I had posted this picture in my facebook. A friend, Chang Yi mentioned this kecepak plant is good for the digestive system. Just boil the whole plant - roots and all and drink the juice twice or thrice a day. But be warned. The juice is very bitter. I decided to try it out as I have ample supply of this plant at my backyard. I love the ripen fruits - a passion I had as a kid in the long house. I uprooted a plant, cleaned and boiled it well. I managed to make a bottle of the juice which could last me about 4/5 days (2 cups a day). I couldn't see any effect it had on my digestive system but my nagging athritis and body aches disappeared within the hour! I was surprised. Was it due to the kecepak juice? I decided to experiment. I stopped taking the juice for about 2 weeks. After a couple of days my athritis pain came back. I waited for the pain to become unbearable before boiling another plant and started taking the juice again. Again, the pain disappeared within the hour. Could any one out there try this out and let's compare notes?


  1. Selamat Lemai Tuan Tuan Lt Kol (B) Robert Rizal. Aku bisi introduced Kecepak Juice nuan ngagai kaban ketai di Sarawak ti bisi kena Gout. The next day ia madah Gout ia baik udah ke minum ai rebus Kecepaknya. Kaban ketai Akiq Ahwong ari Blok Dayak Baru meri terima kasih ngagai petua ari nuan nya Tuan. May be we can sent this herb for scientific experiment Sir. If proven effective, may be it can be ommercialised. Thanks Sir.

  2. Terima kasih Anonymous,

    That is good news. I just want to make sure it works on everybody else. Sapa ke kena gout tadi? Akik Ahwong? Nadai pedih agi gout iya?

    Yes, I'm trying to ask the research department in UKM to conduct the study on the plant, in particular regards gout / arthritis.

  3. During my short holiday in Sibu I tried this but couldn't really feel the effect of it; to reduce the gout pain or inflammation.

    Well, I will try again this coming holiday.

    I appreciate if Tuan Robert could come up with further research & the report of this plant with regards to cure gout pain. The most important thing is whether it brings down the acid level after consuming it for certain period of time.

    Till then I will come back to your blog for the feedback, if there is already some research on it.


  4. Robert Rizal Abdullah6 August 2011 at 21:15

    Dear Anonymous,

    I have tried to find a way to make a research on this plant and its ability to cure gout but was bogged down by administrative and financial problem.

    I also have stopped taking the juice after a month. I fear side effects on my kidneys, due to, possibly, over doses. Hope somebody can pick this up and make a proper research.

  5. what is the scientific (Botanical) name of this plant so that i can ask our curator to help get it for a trial.

  6. what is the scientific (Botanical) name of this plant so that i can ask our curator to help get it for a trial.