Saturday, 4 April 2009

Some Iban Songs to Ease My Nostalgia.

Iban Songs Sometimes, when it is a quiet Sunday like today, my mind will wander off to the place where I was born - my long house in Sarawak. Visions of my carefree childhood, the pangs of hunger and the little games we played in the river, in the vacinity and attics of the long house. I began to wonder where all my friends are now. I know, some had passed on, some are still eking a living in the same long house, continuing what our fathers had done. Some had gone elsewhere in search of greener pastures but I know they will always come back to their birth place. For me, my journey was destined to be a journey of no return. Today, I decided to ease my pangs of nostalgia a little by listening to some Iban songs. I found these in youtube: h Care to listen? Happy listening.

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