Friday, 17 April 2009

The Army Day Celebration Now, Then.

The Army Day Celebration Now, Then. Today, the Army Day is always celebrated with splendour and pomp in Kuala Lumpur. But not a very long time ago, it was a very modest affair, celebrated at Unit level.
The Officers Corps in No. 1 Dresses. The contigents came form every Corps/Regiments of the Army.
Parades like this were always held at the Ceremonial Battalion
(1st Bn, RMR in Sungai Besi, KL). The parade ground has
been extensively rebuilt into a stadium.
The Army Chief inspecting the contigents from
his ceremonial Land Rover which is specially modified.
It was a different affair in 1971. We were dressed in battle gear and marched around Taiping town, accompanied by our Drum Platoon. At a time when the communist threat was still very much a reality, such a parade was a necessity to get the confidence and trust of the people


  1. When I was a child the Colonial world then was small and very focussed in our eyes. We watched the Police Parade every morning and not far down the road the Fire Men also had their morning parade. These were very important events of our day. Then once a year we had the Army Parade in the Town Square (King George M. Ground).

    Then when Malaysia was formed our perspectives changed and perhaps it was also because of the Confrontation etc. we would hide in our rooms whenever we saw a soldier! Our world was changing then.

    And then today almost every one could switch of and on their TV - a window to the world. We watch parades or don't watch parade ..right in our own living room.

    Hence less and less people will go to the padang.

  2. Dear Chang Yi,

    Parades were and still are a part and parcel of Army life. It is a way of instilling unquestionable obidience by surbodinates. Such obidience is of utmost importance in a situation such as battles when orders must be obeyed and implimented immediately. It could mean life or death.

    Today, small and big units still carry out some form of parades or other in their camps, if you care to watch.

  3. I feel that footdrills and parades in the bigger scale are important in a boy's life or a man's life. They do indeed instil discipline and a lot of pride in the soul.

    Smartness is very important. And I can see that in my boy who for many years love his brass band and his comrades more than anything else in the world. Because they were disciplined together as a unit they are very good friends and respect for each other is always there. I am very happy for all of them. Proud in fact.
    Parents should not miss watching their children in parade.

  4. Dear Chang Yi,

    Parades certainly help in instilling comradeship, discipline and pride in their establishment. And for the Army it is a way of intilling unquestionable obedience to their superiors - a must in battle.