Sunday, 18 December 2011

Proposing the Revival of Sarawak Rangers to the State Government of Sarawak.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Come 22nd December 2011, I will be presenting my proposal paper to one of the Iban Ministers in Sarawak's Cabinet, YB Tan Sri William Mawan ak Ikom. The Chief Minister had given him the responsibility to hear out my proposal to revive Sarawak Rangers, the pride of Sarawak in general and to the Ibans in particular.

I see the impact it will have on Sarawak. It will not only create hundreds of job opportunities but it will also create business opportunities. Most importantly, I see it as a unifying factor to bind all Sarawakians closely together.

Personally I see this as a most satisfying endeavour. I would never have thought that a small and inconspicuous man like me could make himself heard by the political leaders. It is my dream to see the revival of the Sarawak Rangers. I hope the political leaders see the positive aspects and not be clouded by any negative views. We are not trying to set up a war machinery but a unit to compliment the security, tourism and welfare aspect in the country.

Update No. 1
On 22December 2011, my team and I presented our proposal paper on the revival of Sarawak Rangers to Sarawak's Social Development and Urbanisation Minister, YB Tan Sri William Mawan, who was enthrusted by the CM to hear our proposals.

He gave us the nod and went further as to pledge us some financial aid once we have registered our Sarawak Rangers Veterans Association (SRVA) with the new Veterans Council that is awaiting endorsement by Parliament and the King.

The next stage will be presenting the proposal to the highest leadership in the State, the Chief Minister himself. That should be in January/February 2012.

We are still keeping our fingers crossed.

L to R: Lt Col Monday Juhid Director Army Veterans Sarawak Branch, Capt (Rtd) Johari Ibrahim, Sec Gen 1, YB Tan Sri William Mawan, Me, President SRVA, Capt (Rtd) Dr George Kurka, Deputy President and Major (Rtd) Wara Mejeni, Sec Gen 2. Major (Rtd) Micheal Riman, Treasurer General is not in the picture.

I'm presenting our proposal on reviving / re-forming Sarawak Rangers. 

My Deputy President, Capt (Rtd) Dr George Kurka briefing YB Tan Sri William Mawan on our Sarawak Rangers Veterans Association (SRVA) - its concept and the roles it will be playing.


  1. Good Job. Once we enjoy peace the coward enjoy all the fruits.

  2. Good afternoon, Lt. Col (R) Robert Rizal,

    Just to ask you - Are you aware that there were 15 Iban served undert the Gurkha Regiment of British Army based in Brunei till late Year 2006..? Tq

  3. it has to done because i dont want any malayans to think that they are the only heroes in the previous wars. if sarawak rangers is revived, again the ibans will miss the whole cake. died for nothing!.