Friday, 23 December 2011

The Iban Warriors' Memorial - Landscaping and Maintenance Needed.

Malaysians are notoriously known for their geniuses in building / constructing beautiful and amazing facilities and structures and next, abandoning them. We can see examples of these everywhere in the country. Public facilities such as children playground are left to rust and rot. Public facilities in public parks and gardens are in similar state.

I knew the new Iban Warriors' Grave that was built in July 2011 will meet the same fate. So on 23 December 2011, I went to have a look with two of my committee members. Sure enough! It was in a deplorable state. No one care about it. The place was strewn with dead leaves and the grass was never cut! If left unattended, the long grass will cover up the head stones.

I will have to find out who is responsible to maintain the Memorial and write to remind them.

How it looked like 5 months later (23 December 2011)

How it looked like on the first day of the reburial on 27 July 2011.

On 26 December 2011, I wrote the letter below to Mayor of Kuching City South with a copy to Commander 1st Infantry Division in Kuching, who is also Chairman of the Rangers Corp.

Update No. 1
About two weeks after my visit, a friend went to see the place and was disappointed too at the appalling condition. Something had to be done. I told an acquaintance who is a Deputy Tourism Minister in Sarawak about what I had observed and written to Mayor of Kuching City North, who, according to the signboard at the entrance to the memorial is responsible for the up-keeping of the place.

16 February 2012
I received an email from Mr. Lim Kian Hock, Chairman of STF Heritage Development Committee in Kuching, saying that actions are being taken to rectify the shortcomings in the memorial. It is clear that the Heritage Development Committee has taken over the responsibility from Kuching City North.

Mr. Lim said he has informed the State Secretary on the matter.

There was a meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism on 16 Feb 12.

A more detail meeting with the Technical Committee is scheduled on 24 February 2012. I will be sending a representative for SRVA to attend. It will be here that the exact details will be decided on.

Thank you YB Datuk Talib Zulpilip for taking up my case. I knew I could count on him to deliver. 

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