Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Good Winds of Change in Sarawak.

There are visibly good winds of change blowing in Sarawak now. I hope it brings about some permanent change and not the seasonal, brought about by the coming General Election which is just around the corner.

Since I initiated Op Ngerapuh / Op Mai Pulai, an operation to bring home remains of the 21 Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers KIA in Malaya, back to their homeland in Sarawak, the public, at large, are more aware of the sacrifices the Ibans had made in the Malayan Emergency. When before, they were unknown to most, now they have become a talking point at coffee shops and kopitiams. The State and the Federal governments are now heeding the mounting calls and requests from the many veterans association in Sarawak to recognise and value the services the veterans had rendered to the Country by giving back what were due to them..

Below are some of the points highlighted in the Borneo Post of 11 October 2011, an English language daily in Sarawak.

The ex-Iban Trackers and ex-Sarawak Rangers will not be forgotten for the one-time payment of RM3000.00 by the government, in appreciation of their services during the Malayan Emergency 1948 - 1960.

At last, a pledge that more Sarawakians will hold senior ranks and appointment in the Malaysian Army. But first, more Sarawakians must be wooed to join.

YB Tan Sri James Masing, the senior minister for Land Development had been fully suportive of my plans to re-form the Sarawak Rangers and the Sarawak Rangers Veterans Association which I'm forming to help raise the quality of lives of the ex Trackers, ex Sarawak Rangers, ex Malaysian Rangers and other Sarawak veterans as well. 


  1. Squad,

    Tabik spring terhadap your never-ending efforts to promote Sarawak Rangers. Keep it up and well done.

  2. Robert Rizal Abdullah12 October 2011 at 03:13


    Thank you. I thought my job/responsibility would be over after the reburial of the 21 Trackers and Sarawak Rangers on 27 July 2011.But somehow it led to more and bigger things which I feel must be done.