Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Grievances of a Blogger

I started my blog in 2008 with the sole aim of writing down my experiences while serving 25 years in the Malaysian Rangers, in particular 3rd Rangers. Though I have commanded 10th Rangers for four years in Sarawak and led it in operations against the communist terrorists in Sarawak, I have always considered myself as 3rd Rangers. Somehow, the experiences and memories I had gained in the Battalion were more everlasting. Three years into blogging, I seemed to have expended all my stories that I wanted to write down. It was my hope that they could benefit the younger generations or in the least, make them aware what we had done to defend the country from falling into the hands of the Communists. Furthermore, I have written my biography (My Adventure) and all that I wanted to say are in the book. So, where do I go from here? Articles are far and few now. It is not in my nature to write things that could be perceived as anti establishment. No, I do not wish to be seen as a disgruntled pensioner, though I have a few disgruntlements. Let me tackle my unhappiness in my own quiet way. I envy my friend (my squad) who is running a blog http://xnuripilot.blogspot.com who seems to write with ease on the little daily happenings in his life. I wish I could do the same but in the back of my mind, somebody is whispering: that is too trevial and who cares! But who cares and why should I care? Just keep on writing whatever comes to mind. It is after all your life's diary. Keep going man!


  1. Keep on going sir. Whatever comes in mind your past experiences, current happenings, your opinions. I am still a subscriber of this amazing blog.

  2. Thank you Orang Sabah. You are giving me the encouragement to go on.