Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Coveted Commando Knife

The idea of giving out "Commando Knives Awards" for every kills made by individual soldiers was mooted out by Commander of 3rd Malaysian Infantry Brigade based in Penrissen Camp, Kuching, Sarawak, Brigadier General Dato' Hassan Mohd Salleh in 1973. He saw the need to recognise the efforts of soldiers who had shown exemplary and outstanding courage in battles against the Communist Terrorists and of course, to inject new spirits and enthusiasm into them.. Soldiers who had made the kills were awarded the "Commando Knives". Often these knives were given out at a simple ceremony when he made visits to the Units on the ground.

Left: The Commando knife.
Right: Another Commando Knife given to me by my Battalion Commanding Officer, the late Col. N. F Nesaratnam, for the capture of 2 Communist Terrorists in Kanowit, Sarawak, in 1983.

3rd Malaysian Infantry Brigade had a big "Commando Knife Award" presentation in Semenggo Camp in Kuching towards the end of 1973. Above were the receipients from 3rd Battalion The Malaysian Rangers (my battalion). Yours truly is seated 3rd from the left. The Commanding Officer, Lt Col. Philip Lee Khiu Fui is on my right and the Second-In-Command, Major Tan Siew Soo is next to him.

Picture Above:   I received my first Commando knife from Commander 3rd Malaysian Infantry Brigade, Brig Gen Hassan Mohd Salleh in Camp Serian in early 1973.


  1. Thank you Squad. Cerita dah basi dah. I just want to compile the old stories / pictures / events into my blog as a record. Jangan orang hack my site dah. Otherwise I'll lose everything and to recompile / rewrite it will take ages.

  2. I love the stilleto. It stabs true and proper. But it is a little bit too long for concealing and has only one primary purpose: stabbing!

    For better functionality, I prefer switchblades.

  3. Tuan,

    Pernah terlibat dengan Operasi di 2 Bde dibawah pemerintahan beliau ketika menjawat sebagai panglima di 2 Bde Ipoh.

    Cuma mengimbau kisah-kisah lama.

  4. Tuan,

    Saya pasti kita pernah berjumpa, mungkin tidak seakrab dan setelah kita terlibat dengan pasukan Tempor (Combatant Unit)dan pernah melalui operasi-operasi di Negeri Perak, Kedah, Pahang, Selangor dsbnya.

    Saya adalah orang sama (m1ng1e) didalam forum Pangilan pertiwi.

  5. Sir.
    How are you,back in 1973 I was the LO to Gen Hassan at 3Bde Hq.I stumbled with your write up on UCIS at Panggilan Pertiwi blog.I was selected to be the first UCIS Comd of 8 RMR.for yr info the UCIS logo was desinged by LtM Yusof Sahibjan fm yr former unit 3RGR.We did our RKK course at SWTC SG Udang,Int/Interogation course conducted by Risek Pers,survival/sniper at PULADA.Most of my personnels came from the COBRA Pl n NCOs are quqlified green berets but chose to serve in the units.My Pl used to operate together with 3RGR UCIS Pl n I really envied them as most of the personnels spoke Iban even in radioconversation.I still remember the good Pl Sgt the late Sgn Basri[May ALLAH blessed him always]n same goes to you Sir.

  6. Good Day Sir,
    I stumbled at yr write up on UCIS at Panggilan Pertiwi blog.For yr info I was one of the few selected to command the Pl.Here are some info of the fmn of UCIS.
    1.The logo was created by Lt M Yusuf Shahibjan of 3 RGR.
    2.Survival,Sniper,Tracking,absellings courses were done at PULADA.
    3.RKK course was conducted at SWTC while intoregation/intelligience course at Sg.Besi Camp.
    Most of my Pl personnels were from the unit COBRA Pl n some were qualified green beret who chose to serve in the unit.My Pl used to do joint ops with 3 Rgr UCIS n till now I can remember the late Sgt Basri [May ALLAH blessed him always].We used to translate UCIS as Umbut Campor Ikan Seluang cos everytime pergi ops rats issued 10 hari makan 15.After that survival lah.By the way I was Gen Hassan"s LO at 3 Bde Hq in Kuching at the time you received your Pisau Kommando.Still remember 3 Rgr n 9RMR
    plus one TA Bn[if not mistaken 11 MTA CO Lt Col Ismail Ghows] doing ops.

  7. Ucis,

    Really? This a pleasant surprise for me. Col (B) Yusof took over 3 Rgr's Kilat platoon from me in mid 1973. I didn't know he designed the UCIS's logo. Is the UCIS still on in the Infantry BNs?

  8. Sir,
    Since the introduction of Bn Inf Std the Pl was changed into Recon Pl commanded by a Capt.I do not know the progress as I had retired but I guess since the CTs had surrendered their effectiveness yet to be proven..

  9. Sir,
    Since the inception of Bn Inf Std,UCIS Pl was dibanded n replaced by Recon Pl commanded by a Capt.I have since retire to assess its effectiveness.Good Day.

  10. Ucis,

    Noted that there is no more UCIS pl. It is now replaced by a Recon pl.

    Thanks for the update.

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