Friday, 12 December 2008

Second Book Launch

My Second Book Launch
December 10, 2008.
After the successful first launch by the Chief Minister of Sarawak on November 6, 2008 in Kuching, Sarawak, I had been contemplating a second launch in KL, just to advertise the books to Malaysians in West Malaysia.
My initial inquiry from Markas ATM was not promising as it would incur quite a large sum of money which I couldn't afford.
A few friends promised me they would "inquire around" for opportunities. While this was going on, I received an invitation from the Ex-Services Association to a fund-raising dinner. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to launch the books. I proposed the idea to its Secretary General, Brig Gen Dato' Nik Zaaba, who happened to be my colleague in RMC. After an initial reluctance, they finally bought my idea.
The PM was initially supposed to be present for the dinner but at the last minute he had to attend another function overseas. So the launch was officiated by Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, his wife, who was also the patron of the fund-raising campaign for the Ex-Services Association.


  1. Tuan.

    A few days back PM officiated a launch for a book written by the current PAT. PM said during the launch more servicemen should write about their experiences during service. Obviously PM has not heard about you, Tuan.

    We in Malaysia we do not appreciate the sacrifices written by heroes, especially if the hero is not a Malay, even more if the hero is not a Muslim.

    I am a Muslim first and a Malay second, but my pride in my race or religion should not interfere with my judgment/treatment of other races.

    Someone commented in my blog perhaps the Sarawak Constabulary, the precursor to Sarawak Rangers, should be revived.

    It's high time we Sarawakians determine our own fate.

  2. Hansac,

    Thank you for the comment.

    The PM knew about my book. When I launched it in Kuching on November 6, 2008, I met him when he was closing a seminar in Kuching. I presented him a copy of my book.

    He was right in saying the ex-servicemen should write more about their experiences.Malaysians are just plain lazy in reading as well as writing.

  3. I stand corrected. I forgot the post where you met PM.

    My apologies.

  4. Hansac,

    I met the PAT's Military Advisor during the dinner and the second launch of my book in KL. He told me about the PAT's book launch the previous day. When I told him I was launching mine in a short while, he looked genuinely surprise and said it would have been great if it could have been done together with PAT's book launch.

    Well, to me it was a small matter. The most important aspect was letting the people here in West Malaysia know about my books.

    It was in the news on TV and in the papers (Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia).

    Now, the bigger challenge is to get my books into the mainstream markets throughout the country. Any offer of help is welcomed.

  5. Colonel, congrat for the 2nd launching...

  6. Thanks Rano. Any book stores in your area that would like to purchase my books?

  7. Where can I buy your book in KL?

  8. Haven't found a book distributor yet. The biggest one in Malaysia, MPH, is a cut throat. They wanted a 60/40 deal which mean I will be selling the books to them at below my printing cost! So for the time being, while I look for distributors, I handle all the orders from my house.

  9. Col…

    On our PM note; “ex-servicemen should write more about their experience”… He was right in saying that and Col... you were way ahead of him…

  10. Thanks for the support.

    Are you a serviceman? Where are you working? You seemed very keen in all things military.

  11. I’m just a civil servant Sir... the only connections with military that I have are… My father was an ex-serviceman… resigned when I was in kindergarten... or was it tahun 1? & I was born in a small village (now it’s a town) near PULADA… in those days; I can hear the sound of GPMG firing at the range from my house... but that was then... When there was less vehicle & noises...