Saturday, 20 December 2008

A Poetry: Silence is Not Golden

Poetry: Silence is Not Golden ( For two years now, we, the former classmates and schoolmates of the premier Tanjong Lobang School in Miri, Sarawak, where many of the country's leaders came from, have formed a cyber forum, where we reminisced the good Tanjong days, talked just about anything, including politics and religion with an open mind. To date, about 30,000 postings have been exchanged. Some hardcore members remained committed, some came for a short while and disappeared and others have registered but have never been heard. Understandably, the tempo has been erratic - there has been a low and a high intensity. I noticed it has been unervingly quiet the last one week. So I decided to write this poem to remind members. For poetry enthusiasts, I hope you enjoy the poem. )                                                               

Silence is Not Golden 
The silence is deafening.
My ears are ringing.
My heart is aching.
O this nostalgic feeling.

Where art thou O Earthly beings?
Busy in thy Kingdom working?
Don’t you feel what I feel?
Couldn’t our bonds remove the chill?

Two happy years have we shared.
Sharing, laughing and emotions frayed.
Members come and members go,
seemingly as visitors in a world of limbo.

The spirit and the love of Tanjong
was the main reason for us to come along.
It was the call that touched the Dinosaurs’* hearts.
No mountains and oceans could hold us apart.

The crimson sunset of Tanjong is always there.
Though the place has turned into a nightmare.
It is a reminder to us all that it is still THE PLACE.
Where we once played and studied in solace.

Members, don’t you fade into oblivion.
Let this forum we enliven.
Come one and come all.
Let’s contribute big or small.

Note: * Most of us are about 60 years old now and we affectionately call ourselves "dinosaurs".

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