Wednesday, 13 June 2012


We were in a delima.

With the approval of the new Veterans Act 2011 by Parliament, all registration of Armed Forces-related bodies will have to go through the Veterans Council, headed by Armed Forces Veterans Affairs Department or Jabatan Hal Ehwal Veterans ATM (JHEV ATM).

Implementation, however, seems to be delayed and no one knows exactly when it will function.

I cannot wait. SRVA needs to be registered immediately - if it cannot be done through the Veterans Council, then we will have to do it through ROS, in Kuching, Sarawak. A lot of pending jobs are depending on this approval.

That was exactly what we did. Within a week, our application was approved on 31 May 2012. SRVA's company registration number is 1082 - 12 - SWK.

Now we are shifting on to the next higher gear. We will have to convene our first Annual General Meeting in order to elect a Committee to steer the Association for the next two terms (4 years). At the same time and to save time and efforts, we will have to officially launch SRVA for the general public to know. This entails a big  amount of money, which we do not have at the moment. We need in the range of RM85k to foot the expenditure to bring in about 300 ex Iban Trackers, ex Sarawak Rangers and ex Malaysian Rangers from their various long houses in Sri Aman, Sibu, Song, Kapit and Miri to Kuching in order to attend the two functions that may be spreaded over two days.

We are therefore appealing for donations from kind Samaritans. Please send your donations to Bank CIMB account number 1441 0064 075 528 (Robert Rizal Abdullah). Info me by sms/email at 6012 2751171 or after you have credited your donation. Thank you.


  1. It is just one hour's drive from the world's largest manufacturing region, the Pearl River Delta, which produces 30% of China's exports. Hong Kong accounts for a large share of inward investment to Mainland China and China is the largest trading partner for HK.

  2. Hi Encik Robert Rizal Abdullah.

    Salam 1st Malaysia.

    Very proud to do work hard and continue right and may god bless your good intentions.

    View / Proposal I:
    - Try to involve the Minister, YB, VIPs, especially Dayak VIPs in this Programme.
    - Find those who are really interested, the contribution of others.
    - It might be, or the motion to The Tun Jugah Groups, Tan Sri Leo, Tan Sri James Jemut Masing, Tan Sri William Mawan, Dato Sri Ujang, Deputy Chief Minister, Chief Dayak community and for those who are fit.
    - Keep looking for those who can, to be known, a strong contribution or involvement is not necessarily from the former Armed itself.

    So you see, now I am looking for and collect the names of the 1st Iban Trackers (47 Iban Trackers) through the resources that may help and reliable and is also how the information was obtained.

    Part of the issue, most do not like to expose themselves, because when they are not recognized today, compared to their time ago. What they have is a shirt with a personal identification number is, headgear, ic rangers and others only that the picture is not clear.


    1. Yes, we are involving the State of Sarawak's leaders - the CM, the Deputy CM and many senior Ministers. Our Patron is YB Tan Sri William Mawan and our Advisor is YB Datuk Talib Zulpilip.

      We are working closely with the State government on all matters that we are undertaking.

    2. Salam 1Meredeka 1Malaysia,

      Encik Robert,

      Can would you give motion to Tan Sri Amar Leo Moggie and Tan Sri Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Jugah, because look at the profile of the two figures are very respectable and excellent pertasi as those who experienced especially for masayarakt dayak itself. Both these figures are very open-minded.

      I am sure, this is a very good and also the appropriate time now to be involved dayak figures themselves.



  3. Sir

    Congratulations on the registration and on the first AGM.
    I'm sure the tenacity and fortitude shown by ex Rangers in their services for Malaysia, which are above and beyond the call of duty, the association will florish.

    ex Wataniah

  4. Dear Lt Kol Rizal,
    Was browsing the internet, and came across the hot subject of *Registration of SRVA* in the Borneo Post. My...My....they really walloped you (left and right)....accusing you of everything under the sun. I was a veteran, too, with the Education Corp..retired in 1988. I was active in PBTM before...but not now. Its all due to the politiking and the *yes man* attitude of members that drove me apart from all xservicemen associations. Whenever and wherever possible...i'll try to give my opinion/criticism to any wrong doing(s) by veterans.
    Coming back to our subject matter....first, i wd like to congratulate you and your team for the recent launching of SRVA in Kuching.I do understand the reason(s) as to the formation of the numerous xservicemen yours, too. Dissatisfaction towards the central PBTM in Kuala Lumpur. As for SRVA.....keep up the good job and just ignore the critics. As far as im concerned....they can only talk/criticise....but, doing nothing to improve the livelihood of our veterans. As the malay saying goes....*Tepok dada tanya selera*. If your conscience is anything/everything to your satisfaction in this project. All the best to you!

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your kind words. I stopped reading the comments in the Borneo Post as they are utter rubbish and not worth looking at. Those are people who think they are the only people who are right yet not doing anything to improve their lot.