Saturday, 7 May 2011

Herbal Cure for Diabetes and Hypertension.

Warrant Officer 2 Idrus Ismail (Rtd) is one very enterprising ex-soldier since he retired from the Ordnance Corp eleven years ago. He has found his niche in the herbal industry and is renown to many major herbal traders in the country. He started small by selling a number of famous products for the cure of diabetes and high blood pressure. Today, he has his own brand of herbal cure for the same ailments - a joint venture has with a medicinal factory. Here he is seen with some of his products at one of his outlets in the Kamunting Sunday Market.This is one of his major product   - tea bags of Mahkota Dewa fruits, a cure for diabetes and high blood pressure.
His latest product - 3 in 1 coffee made from the Mahkota Dewa fruits.
The coffee powder in sachets of 15.
He supplies in bulk or in retail. Those interested can contact him at 05 - 891 6149 or 019 422 2458. You can browse his

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