Tuesday, 5 October 2010

PD Garrison Military Police 27 Feb 1953.

PD Garrison Military Police made up of the Malay Regiment personnels.
Standing back row L to R: LCpls: A. Bakar (4605), Ismail (3083), Mustaffa (4619), Ahmad (2092), A.W Musa clerks MRMP (3092), A. Latiff (6712), Musa (3429), Mois (3038), Amin (3675), Sabdin (3567)
Standing middle row L to R: LCpls: Ghazali (2858), Abu (6923), Hanafi (3002), Nasir (3390), Jamil (3827), M S Abdullah sgt (2976), U Hakim, Cpl (5440), Karim (2456), A Bakar (3547), Jamaluddin (5291), Jaafar (4982).
Sitting L to R: Major W. Carruthes (M.B.E) D.A.P.M HQ Malaya, Sgt B.J. Potts NCO i/c MRMP, BGD R.H. Maxwell (C.B.) (A.D.C.) P.M. War Office, Col. T.H. Grayson (O.B.E.) P.M. GHQ FARELF, Major A.B. Tomes. CAMP. GRN. Q/M. I was sent this old photograph by a relative of a British serviceman who had served in Malaya during the First Malayan Emergency 1948 - 1960. Would I be interested in the photograph? Of course I do. He will be sending me the original copy of the pic. Thank you Kevin. I will make an inquiry with the Royal Malay Regiment or the Armed Forces Museum to find out where it should finally be kept. Anyone out there who would like to take up my offer? Contact me at 012 2751171 or email rizalbob@gmail.com/
18 November 2010
I received the original photo from Kevin Randell of the UK today. I will have to find out to whom I shall be handing it to. The Royal Malay Regiment museum in Port Dickson or the Armed Forces Museum in KL? And as I had promised him, I will have to find the money to reimburse him the postage - 8 pound sterling in all ( that should be about RM60.00).
6 March 2011
During the tea reception after the Army Day parade on 6 March 2011, I oficially handed the photograph over to PTD, Gen Tan Sri Zulkifli. He was appreciative and will be writing personally to thank Mr Kevin Randall of the UK for donating the photograph.

Presenting the photograph to the Chief of the army in conjunction with the Army's 78th Anniversary on 6 March 2011.

A letter of appreciation from the Chief of the Army to me.

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