Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Op Ngerapuh Full Steam Ahead

The New Straits Time 24 February 2010. As a follow up on the PM's speech aired over the TV last night, the NST followed up with the news - see picture above. With the government now committing itself fully on this project, I now can breath easy. The government machineries will definitely be doing the necessary works to exhume and relocate the remains of the Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers back to Sarawak. A 15.4 acre site has been acquired and the master plan for the memorial drawn and worked out. God willing, the remains of the fighters will be brought home soon and closer to their next-of-kins and where they could be accorded proper respect.


  1. Squad,

    Those trackers were lucky to have someone like you to fight for them.

  2. Squad,

    Thank you. It is an obligation of an Iban soldier to another. How can anyone leave the grave of a soldier by the road shoulder? That was the most degrading resting place for a soldier, an insult even.

    I cannot simply close my eyes to the problem. So I thought, if the authorities cannot even look after one Iban soldier's grave, then I will take action to bring ALL of them back to Kuching - their home land, where they will be accorded a proper resting place.

  3. Squad,

    I'm sure you're aware by now that I'm struggling to get the MAF to document the Gubir tragedy of 26 April 1976 when a Nuri was shot down and all the 11 on board were killed.Filem Negara's response is encouraging. I hope MINDEF will cooperate to assist FNM in realising this dream of mine.

  4. Squad,

    Sorry, I have not visited your blog for quite sometimes - I was away from my computer for quite a while. I'll catch up.