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Iban Trackers and the reformed Sarawak Rangers (1948 - 1960)

In my effort to research the little known Iban Trackers and the beginning of the modern Malaysian Rangers, I have received these pictures from friends across the Globe, in particular George Swetman of the 1st Manchester Regiment to whom the 1st Experimental Platoon was attached to in 1953, soon after their training in Siginting Camp,Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Shaun Aumua of New Zealand also have sent me some invaluable pictures that have helped shed some light on this elite band of trackers and soldiers.
The 1st platoon with the Commanding Officer, Lt Col C.J Baird OBE.
Seated (L to R): Cpl Samat, Sgt George Swetman (1st Manchester), Mr D Johnson (QM), 2Lt Schwarz (1st Manchester), Lt Col C J Baird OBE (Commandant Sarawak Rangers), WOII B Simmonite (1 RWK), Mr B Jarrow (Dayak LO), Cpl Safie (Malay Regt) and Cpl Adrian Tandang.
The 2nd platoon with the Commanding officer Lt Col C.J Baird OBE and Officers from 1st Manchester Regiment. Cpl Adrian, who was killed in a contact with the CTs later is seated on the extreme right.

A rehearsal for the passing out parade in Siginting Camp, Port Dickson.

The Early Beginning

Sir James Brooke was proclaimed the White Rajah of Sarawak on 24 November1841 by the Sultan of Brunei for his assistance in putting down a rebellion against the Sultan’s district chief in the area around Kuching. That started the Brooke family’s rule of Sarawak for 105 years, until it was ceded to the British Crown on 1 July 1946.
Sir James Brooke died on 11 June 1868 in Devon, England and on 3 August 1868 and Charles Brooke was proclaimed the successor. On 2 September 1972, he gazetted Sarawak Rangers, a small force that he formed on October 1862 which consisted of 32 Dayaks. They were to become the nucleus of every expeditions he mounted against the rebellious Dayaks. He knew that to kill Dayaks, he must use Dayaks.
The Great World Economic Recession of the 1930s had its toll on Sarawak Rangers. On 29 February 1932, Sarawak Rangers was officially disbanded. Some of its personnel were amalgamated with the Sarawak Constabulary.
World War 2
The involvement of Sarawak Rangers during World War 2 was not clear but they were said to be involved in the defence of Lutong, Miri and Kuching against the Japanese invasion in December 1941.
Against the might of the Japanese Army, they were defeated and retreated to their long houses in the interior.
During the Japanese Occcupation, many ex personnel of the Sarawak Rangers joined Major Tom Harisson of the Australian Force ‘Z’ who was involved in harassing the Japanese Army.
The Australian forces liberated Sarawak on 11 September 1945. On 29 October 1945, ‘Z’ Force disintergrated and personnel from Sarawak Rangers also returned to their long houses.
Nothing was heard of them until they were called in to help the Commonwealth forces in fighting the Communist terrorists in Malaya on 8 August 1948, some 7 weeks after the Malayan Emergency was declared.

Iban Trackers
On 8 August 1948, seven weeks after the Malayan Emergency was declared on 16 June 1948, the first group of 49 Iban Trackers was sent to Malaya to assist the Commonwealth forces in fighting and tracking down the Communist insurgents in the thick jungles of Malaya. Initially, their term of service was 3 months only. Some chose to stay longer. 

Twenty-four of this original group of 49 Trackers were attached to the newly-formed Ferret Group No. 4, a unit comprising Gurkhas and ex-members of Force 136. The remaining 25 were attached in small groups to the various Gurkhas, British and Malayan battalions already deployed in Malaya.

By the end of August 1948, a further group of 55 Ibans had arrived and by October 1948 there were some 170 Ibans at Seginting Camp, Port Dickson. On completion of their three months service, each group of these Trackers were flown back to Kuching.
By mid December 1948, all, except 29 who had agreed to extend their service for an additional three months to meet a special request by the British Guards Brigade, returned to Sarawak. This last group finally returned home on 7 March 1949.

More Involvement
However, the Malayan Government again requested for the service of the Iban Trackers. In April 1949, a new group of 40 trackers was raised and sent to Malaya on a six months service. With more demand, this number was increased and by December 1952, the numbers had reached 301 Iban Trackers. By this time too, some 1,168 Ibans had completed a tour of active service with the various security force units in Malaya. Of those, 8 were killed in action and 10 wounded of whom 5 were invalidated.

The first fatality occurred on 12 March 1951 when Tracker Jaweng anak Jugah of Ulu Gaat, Kapit, who was deployed with A Troop 42 Commando Royal Marines, was accidently shot by a special constable who mistook him for a CT.

In that same year, Tracker Awang anak Rawing of Skrang was awarded a George Cross, the civilian equivalent of Britain's highest military award, the Victoria Cross and Malaysia's equivalent of the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP). The award recognised Awang's exemplary courage and devotion to duty by saving the life of Private Hughes, a member of No.10 Platoon, D Company, 1st Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment, after the platoon was ambushed by a big group of CTs on 27 May 1951.This award was the first in history to be awarded within the Malayan Archipelago and the only one awarded during the Malayan Emergency.

On 13 November 1952, Tracker Menggong anak Panggit, appointed as Acting-Lance Corporal and Second-in-Command of an Iban platoon, led an assault on an enemy camp, after his platoon commander, Lieutenant R R G Bald of the 1st Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), had been killed instantly in the initial engagement. For his gallant actions, Menggong was awarded the George Medal.

Undoubtedly, there would have been many more awards given to the Iban Trackers than the two mentioned. However, the Iban Trackers were still recognised as civilians and therefore not eligible for military honours and awards.
Sarawak Rangers (Malayan Unit)
The Iban elders and leaders in Sarawak were not happy with the para - military roles their young men were given and had asked that they be given full military responsibilities and status.
On 1 January 1953, the Trackers were re-formed into Sarawak Rangers (Malayan Unit) with Lt Colonel C. J Baird as the first Commanding Officer. They were performing the same duties that they were doing when they were trackers.
The Ibans had impressed Britain so much that they were taken in as a part of the British Army – just like the Gurkhas.
Sarawak Rangers (Far East Land Forces)
On 31 March 1960, Sarawak Rangers (Malayan Unit) was disbanded and the following day, 1 April 1960, it was renamed and reformed into Sarawak Rangers (Far East Land Forces) to become a part of the British Army. They now could be deployed to any parts of the world – just like the Gurkhas. On this same day, Sarawak Rangers saw its first Governor – Commissioned Iban officer, Second Lieutenant James Tomlow anak Isa.
On 31 July 1960, the Malayan Emergency ended.
The Brunei Revolt.
The Brunei Revolt, led by Azahari, broke out on 8 December 1962 at 2.00 a.m. when the self-styled National Army of North Kalimantan attacked police stations, the Sultan’s Istana, the Prime Minister’s house and power station. The Fifth Division of Sarawak and the Western edge of North Borneo was also involved.
By 12 December 1962, a complete Company of Sarawak Rangers (FELF) commanded by Major Bruce – Merrie was sent to Brunei together with other troops. They were in support of 99 Gurkha Infantry Brigade as trackers as well as infantry roles.
On 19 December 1962, a twenty-man Ranger patrol from No. 2 platoon under the command of Lieutenant McNeil of East Anglian saw action at Danau in the Fifth Division of Sarawak against 13 rebels from Tutong River, Brunei.
One rebel was killed, two wounded and the remainder were captured.

Malaysian Rangers

The illustrious history of the Sarawak Rangers was coming to a close. A day, 15 September 1963, before Malaysia was formed, Sarawak Rangers (Far East Land Forces) was disbanded. The next 
day, 16 September 1963, the day Malaysia was formed, it became the 1st Battalion, Malaysian Rangers. A little more than one hundred personnel from Sarawak Rangers (Far East Land Forces) volunteered to join and form the nucleus of the new unit. The remainder opted to return to their long houses in Sarawak.
Exemplary Courage and Prowess in the Battlefield
The Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers had been an outstanding fighting force with their exemplary courage and prowess in the battle field. They had been an inspiration to the other Commonwealth forces. They had impressed the British so much that towards the end of the Malayan Emergency, they were taken in as a part of the British Army and like the Gurkhas, could be deployed to any parts of the world.
Within the twelve years of fighting, they had suffered a surprisingly very low casualty rate – bearing in mind that they were always at the front of any fighting patrols they were in. They had lost twenty warriors killed in actions and twenty five wounded. This statistic was indeed impressive in any military records.
The awards they had won spoke of their exemplary courage and prowess in actions:
One George Cross
One George Medal
One Military Medal
One British Empire Medal
Nineteen Mention-in-Dispatches
Twenty one Commander-in-Chief’s Certificates
If they had been recognised as a military unit right from the time they came in as Iban Trackers, they would have won more awards.
Today, not many of these gallant warriors are still alive. It is our responsibility to recognize them and their next-of-kins for the sacrifices they had given to this beloved nation of ours. It is our responsibility to see that the legacies they had left behind are kept alive. Let they become guiding beacons for the present and future generations to follow, so that they too will become exemplary citizens that will create an exemplary Sarawak.

A nameless Tracker / Sarawak Ranger
Another nameless Tracker / Sarawak Ranger
Trackers Dana, Tampi and Dani in Kroh 1951
Some of the Sarawak Rangers at the British Jungle Warfare School in Johore
Tracker Mangi with Sgt George Swetman of UK's 1st Manchester Regiment
Modern Malaysian Rangers Cap badge
A soldier of the Sarawak Rangers showing his head gear and cap badge
Collar dot of the Sarawak Rangers
Cap badge of the Sarawak Rangers. The crossed kris and 'parang ilang' is the same as the modern cap badge - except for the crown.
Some insignias of the Sarawak Rangers
The modern cap badge of the Malaysian Ranger. Note the colour of the backing. In the 60s and 70s, each Regiments had their own colour. Red backing was worn by the 3rd Battalion.

Insignias worn by the Border Scouts. Many of the members were former soldiers of the Sarawak Rangers. Some served in Malaya towards the end of the First Emergency. Indeed, one was killed and had his name written on a memorial wall in Terendak Military Cemetry. They played a big role during the Confrontation with Indonesia.


  1. This is a great posting - giving a great deal of positive image to not only Sarawak's Border Scouts but the brave Ibans...

    Well done!

  2. that's a great information, sir. would you consider write a book on the history of Rejimen Renjer Diraja, from the formation of Sarawak Rangers to the current RRD and the role and operation involed by RRD from then to now. pictorial book would be nice

  3. Peh Hoo Guan,

    That is a huge undertaking. At the moment I am trying to write a book on the early beginnings of the Sarawak Rangers, the Iban Trackers and the reformed Sarawak Rangers and their involvement in the first Malayan Emergency until 1963.

    If anyone wants to take it up, the history of the modern Malaysian Rangers could start from September 16, 1963 when Malaysia and the new Regiment was formed.

  4. Good posting Colonel...hmmmm do you think that the Iban can continue this to French Foreign Legion?

  5. Dear Akat,

    The Ibans had been and still are great soldiers. Given the opportunity, they can serve anywhere and with any forces in the world.

  6. Colonel, how's ur planning trip to London? How's the progress with the Ops Ngerapuh funds? Are you coming to Kuching soon? Rano!

  7. Rano,

    With this fasting month, things seem to have slowed down. I do not know whether the CM has accepted our invitation to become the Patron. I have informed Tan Sri Alfred Jabu on the requirement and the need to write to the Federal Government for assistance and set the mechanism in motion. I think that is not done yet. So now we are stranded and unable to move.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will move soon.

    My research trip to London? No progress yet - haven't find the sponsors and with this A(H1N1), I feel reluctant to travel overseas. I keep my open option.

  8. Hello,I'm so glad I've stumbled upon this blog.

    I've just returned from the UK after living there for 8 years..and every time I mention Sarawak,Borneo..nobody even knows where it is!
    I'm proud of my Lun Balang/Iban heritage.
    Their(Iban/Native Trackers) contribution and the bravery of these men/women should not be forgotten.

    I'm a Graphic Designer by trade and I would like to offer my assistance however I can.

    Thank you again!

  9. Hi Kingsley,

    Thanks for your kind comment.

    I am tring to write/compile a book on the exploits of the Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers 1862 - 1963.

    Could you help design the book cover? The title should be "History of the Sarawak Rangers 1862 - 1963."

  10. Robert,

    The scans look great. I am looking to write a few pages for NZSAS Association on the insignia of attached special forces in the emergency. I have seen photos of NZSAS training Seoni Praaq in Borneo as well as the photo I sent you of the Rangers in the NZ Regiment tracking team.

    Great history..... great unit.

    Kiha Kaha (be strong).


  11. Shaun,

    Thanks. Can you extend me a copy of your write up later? Incidently, Senoi Praq are the aborigines of Malaya. They are not found in Borneo.

    In the 60s when I was a boy, schooling in Sarawak, I was taught by Hugh Wilson of NZ when he taught in the school for about two years. The Headmasters and many of the teachers were from NZ. Our school was built and funded by NZ Colombo Plan. Hugh Wilson was then an 18-year old boy, just a year older than us, then. I understand he is now a Botanist who is living out of the hustles and bustles of city life. If you bump into him, convey my regards and all his former students of "Tanjong Lobang School, Miri, Sarawak". He can contact me at: But I heard he is living a very simple life - no computers etc.

  12. Colonel,

    My Dad is one of Sarawak Ranger, First Malaysian Ranger and pension in BS. He was one of 4 Iban send to Landon for training to represent the Sarawak Ranger and still alive.

    Your post is interesting and recall back my mind on his life in army though nobody care about him. I found that your trip ngerapuh has stranded.

    Is there way in case I can sponsor a bit of your trip to Landon.

    Is there a place to provide a photo of His in Landon early 1960, for sharing.

  13. Anonymous,

    During the puasa month everything were going slow including the Op Ngerapuh. Now I have to inject some momentum into it again.

    Yes the research trip I was planning to make to London is stalled. Firstly, because of the present H1N1 threat and secondly I have not found a sponsor for the trip which will cost about RM20,000 for a 2 weeks stay in London.

    If you have any pictures of your Dad, I will be very thankful if you could email them to me at

  14. HI DEAR,

  15. Hi Nick,

    Terima kasih banyak banyak kerana sudi memberi maklumat tentang bapa saudara yg pernah berkhidmat sebagai Iban Trackers pada tahun 50an dahulu.

    Saya memang amat kagum dengan khidmat yg mereka telah beri ketika itu, hinggakan dikatakan "the best trackers in the world" olih Sir General Templar ketika itu.

    Adakah Nick berkhidmat sebagai seorang tentera di JB? Bolihkah saudara mendapat cerita penglibatan beliau semasa itu - pertempuran dan sebagai nya.

    Jika berpeluang saya ingin bertemu dengan bapa saudara. No tel saya 012 2751171.

  16. RobertRizal,
    This is a wonderful and meaningful blog. Please carry on with your good work.


  17. This is a very touching blog indeed and I am proud for the courage and resilience of our Iban Trackers and Rangers. They are the best yet their service to the nation were eventually forgotten. I still remember Kanang ak Langkau as one of the living legends too.

  18. Abby,

    Yes The Iban Trackers had given their best. That is why I'm trying my best to bring the remains back to Kuching and given the due recognition they deserve.

  19. Many best wishes for your efforts setting up the Sarawak/Iban Trackers' Memorial - so very sad that the contributions to what is modern Malaysia has been largely forgotten.
    My heart bleeds to read Nick's email about his ex-Ranger dad whose eyesight is failing and he doesn't even get a pension...who should be responsible? The Orang Asli Affairs Dept (if there is one?)
    I've been away from West Msia for twenty three years now and your blog is an amazing discovery of its history (Never even heard about this issue when I was a high schooler in KL)

  20. Dear Out of Malaysia,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    All servicemen are being taken care of by our Veterans Department. They are being given a monthly pension.

  21. Dear Col, should I jump to a fortune, one of my deeds (nazar) is to sponsor your good effort to produce the Sarawak Rangers history... God bless...Rano

  22. Dear Rano,

    Producing the history of the Sarawak Rangers is foremost on my mind. Doing the research in Kuching needs money and time. I need plenty of time there but I cannot afford to stay in hotels for long and I need a tpt to move around. That is my dilema.

    Going to the War Office or Public Record Office in London is not advisable, I was told as the records are very unlikely to be there. If any, they must be with the Regiments, the Trackers and Rangers were attached to during the Emergency.

    Another avenue - we co-produce the Book. As you are there in Kuching, you can dig out whatever there is in the Museum. How much have you got on the Rangers so far?

  23. sinu tang berasai bangga lebuh meda gambar ka dipantai ka tuan ditu...tuai kanang engka enda berpeluang ngaga semua utai tu, tang nuan meh tuan ka matak bala anak kitai iban ka dudi ka dipelabaka ka aku maioh ga udah nyadi tuan ba army...saluteee ngau HORMATTTT PANGLIMA HORMATTTTT.... KA BALA BALA KITAK SEMUA KA UDAH KALA BERAMBUN KA NYAWA NAN KA MENOA KITAI TU...niang aki comentar kala nydi border scouts zmn konfrontasi ..kala nusi betempuh bgulai ngau gurkha betimbak vs indon di long jawik..O.C sidak ia parai (scotish)maia nyak..ia kala nusi sedadu indon ka benama UNTUS GANDI kebal ari peluru, tang mati dtimbak gurka ba langkau umai iban..TUANNNNN

  24. Generasi sekarang diharap tidak melupakan pengorbanan mereka ini. Kerajaan Negeri juga prihatin dalam memartabatkan Sarawak Renjer ini...bagaimana dengan kes2 kubur2 renjer Iban yang disemadikan di tepi jalan? Harap dapat dikembalikan ke tanah tumpah darah mereka. Matinya mereka tidak sia-sia. Perjuangan mereka membela negara...

  25. Kubur Korporal Ungkok ak Jugam telah dialihkan ke Kubur Kristian berdekatan di Alor Setar, Kedah.

    Semua 21 kubur Iban Trackers dan Sarawak Rangers di Semenanjung dan Sigapore akan dibawa pulang ke Sarawak pada akhir tahun ini (2010).

    1. Hi Sir @Robert Rizal Abdullah,

      TQ for add groups of photo Iban 1st Trackers/Sarawak 1st Tracker. For your inforamtion niang aki aku groups 1st Rangers @Korporal Galang anak Kudang ari batang rajang, katibas, song. Jangka aku bisi nama bala 1st Ranger tu, rintai nama sida. Asai ka kala meda photo tu. Aku check enggau my uncle Sarjan (R) Robert Galang. Arap ulih mari maklumat cukup penting. Sekurang ia ulih meri nama semua sida ia ka 1st Rangers tu.

      Teruskan edit maklumat dari semasa ka semasa. Kerana Sejarah mengingatkan kita perjuangan seorang pahlawan yang sejati di mana tidak kira bangsa, agama dan asal usulnya kerana dia adalah pahlawan walau pun bukan di mata dunia tapi di hati insan yang mengenalinya.

      TQ. Regards

    2. Hi Encik Robert,

      Salam 1Malaysia,

      Just note here:
      Pada masa ini ada mereka yang telah menjalankan shooting mengisahkan salah seorang pejuang iban from 1st Rangers. Pengambaran ini akan dijangkan dan siap dalam waktu yang terdekat. Wira Pejuang dalam shooting ini adalah seorang yang amat terkenal.

      Pada pendapat saya, ini adalah permulan yang lebih baik, dimana ia nya medekatkan lagi jejak-jejak Iban Trackers dan mungkin dengan ini juga recognised kepada mereka yang lain akan menyadi kenyatan dan untuk nama Iban Trackers itu sendiri yang patut diiktraf didalam Malaysia bukan waktu zaman british/malaya yang lalu.

      PM kita adalah seorang yang berjiwa rakyat dan perhatin. Dengan pandangan yang rasional dan juga hasrat murni usaha untuk recognised Iban Trackers itu sendiri apatah lagi usaha kita dalam mencari pejuang yang semakin senja (Iban Trackers), mungkin akan menyentuh hati PM kita untuk menghulurkan sumbangan kepada rakyat nya.

      Encik Robert Rizal, teruskan usaha.


  26. Karunakaran N K P28 November 2010 at 00:43

    Dear Sir,
    I read with interest, this blog dedicated to the SARAWAK RANGERS. Little was know abot them before this. I was with the British Army Depot Police - FARELF from 1969 - 1971. Started cap badge collection when I was in the ADP in 1971. Till date I have about 600 cap badges of various Army/Police of the World. I am still trying to get a cap-badge of the SARAWAK RANGERS. I have some cap badges of the MALAYSIAN RANGERS. Sir, I just want to know some information; 1) What was the colour of the beret used by the SARAWAK RANGERS and 2) I believe that there is a badge backing used with the SARAEAK RANGERS cap badge, what is the colour of the badge backing?
    I appreciate the time and dedication you have taken to produce this piece of work and I would like to take this apportunity to SALUTE YOU SIR!!! Thank-you. My e-mail address is :
    Karu NKP

  27. Tuan Rizal,

    Tahniah dan syabas di atas usaha untuk merungkai sejarah pahlawan bumi kenyalang yang sangat berjasa dan terbilang gagah berani. Atas dasar ini, ia meberi semangat kepada saya untuk berusaha bersungguh-sungguh di bumi Iraq sekarang untuk menjayakan project minyak untuk Malaysia.

    Jatti Meirek, Basra.

  28. Anonymous,

    Thank you. I'm glad the story of Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers have given you the encouragement to carry out your job. Are you with Petronas? Doing joint venture with Iraq?

  29. My grandfather is Lt Col C.J. Baird, OBE.
    I would be interested to find out more information about him if possible. Can you point me in the right direction?

  30. Yes Sir. I am undertaking national duty with PETRONAS in Iraq right now. I am from Lutong, Miri. The situation here is very unpredictable where SAF (small arm fire), IDF (mortar and rocket) and IED (improvise explosive device - ie road side bombs)continue be the primary security risks. Insya Allah, with good niat, Allah swt will protect us. Have a barakah new year 2011. Wasalam.

  31. Dear Gill,

    This is a pleasant surprise. It is nice to have you on board. Frankly, I don't know anything about your father. All I know is that your father commanded the Sarawak Rangers untiln it was disbanded on 15 September 1963, when the battalion became "The Malaysian Rangers". Only 100 of the Ibans soldiers volunteered to remain and continue to serve with the new battalion. The rest went back to their long houses in Sarawak.

    The Sarawak Rangers had their camp in Ulu Tiram, Johore - their first and last proper family camp before they were disbanded. Your father was responsible in setting up the camp.

    I intend to include your father in a book on Sarawak Rangers I intend to write. I would be most happy if you could tell me about him as a person, father and a soldier.

    I will try to contact the older soldiers of the Sarawak Rangers who are still alive and direct you to them. So keep in touch.

    What is your email address? Mine is

  32. Hi Gill,

    Sorry, Lt Col C J Baird is your grandfather not your father.

  33. my grandfather is one of them...he is the waren officer..i am proud to be his grandson...

  34. Dear Anonymous,
    Can you pin point your grandfather from the two photos above? What was his name?

  35. his name is sengalang anak uyang..he is from kapit..age 73...he say that he is the 1st with the sarawak ranger until the wars end...

  36. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you. That is a big step forward. Appreciate if you could give me his address and phone no. Who knows, I may be able to meet him personally one day.

    Can he identify the rest of his friends in 1st platoon which I had enlarged individually. Does he know which one is Ungkok ak Jugam who was killed in Kedah?

    I will enlarge 2nd plaatoon members.

  37. the guy with white shirt,his name is JARAU.he only know his first time i ask again...

    0145911791 - SENGALANG ANAK UYANG

  38. Dear Anonymous,

    Terima kasih. Are you from Kapit yourself? I was schooling in Kapit Methodist School in 1955 & 1956 (primary 1 & 2). My brother was a policeman there.

  39. yup,born n live there with my grandfather....i am working at pejabat kesihatan kapit here....

  40. Do you know Ronald Lawrence of Jabatan Radiology Hospital Kapit? He bought my biography "My Adventure" about 2 years ago.

    If you have the time, why not write down whatever stories your grandfather can remember about his service with the Sarawak Rangers in Malaya and extend me a copy. My email address is My h/p is 012 2751171.

  41. Good afternoon Sir, I've come across your name several times in the newspapers regarding your efforts to bring back remains of fallen Rangers. I just want you to know that, as an Iban, I admire your work and effort to honor these soldiers. God bless you Sir!


  42. Hi Pete,

    I started the move in 2008, when I met up with the CM and proposed the plan to him. He agreed. I began the initial works and finally the State and Federal Government took over the responsibility from me in late 2010. The project will be completed early this year.

  43. Robert,

    Do you have any info on Jonas Re'ong at all?

    I was thinking, you may know my father, as we have been in Sarawak now for over 30 years!.. He used to work for Datuk Effendi and CM doing various projects in and around Kuching.


    Doug Sumner, Jnr.

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    Most importantly,the Chief Minister will soon face the electorate with a record that no politician on earth would wish to have to defend.

  45. Dear Anonymous,

    May God protect the innocent and punish the wrong doers. God is great.

  46. Dear Sir.
    ucapan setinggi tinggi tahniah kepada tuan kerana begitu berani dan sangat gigih untuk membawa jenazah pahlawan Iban sama ada Iban Tracker mahu pun Sarawak Ranger di bawa balek ke tanah air mereka bumi kenyalang yang tercinta ini. Sir i realy slute you saya pernah berkhimat bersama tuan di 10 RRD di Bau. well done sir. its me WO1 (Rtd) Adi Jala. God blessed you and your family. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban.

    nd your family, Agi idup Agi ngelaban.

  47. Robert Rizal Abdullah29 July 2011 at 06:50

    Hi Adi,

    Thank you for dropping by. This is a surprise indeed! How is your Tae Kwon Do / TTS? Still practising? Anang berenti.

    This is just my small contribution to our people.

  48. nama ku Oglivy ak Sylvester Gargery ari Sratok, apai aku mega bc ngau org Renjer ari taun 1960an ngagai 1973..ngau kala ngau org bjaga k pulau babi ngau menua k dkumbai bawang asan kelia laban maya nya balat angat,nyadi aki ku ari spiak indai ku d balai ringin k benama Ramping k ensumbar Antu grasi mega ngau Iban Trackers dalam taun 1950an-1966,kenya mega kala betempuh ngau bala keminis d malaya,perak,penang ngau pahang.ya megak kala dkangau ke malaya maya 13may,maya nya orang balat carut d kl ngau pahang enti enda salah ku, 'operation castello' dtubuh olih tun abdul razak empu...nyentuk k diatok siti medal ngau honor contribution pan ndai dbri printah ngai sida ya,ya k g temu ku diatok ko 12iko g idup nyau makin tuai sida Renjer tok td nya ndai dkibuh k printah,nyadi ku bc tepeda k bala Iban Trackers baka Cprl Adrian,Tampi ngau Dana td mega kala ku ninga aki ku besebut k nama org nya,Cpl Adrian nang bisi dsebut ya bebadi....tik g bc gambar pasal Iban Trackers ngau Field Force kelia tau upload...Agi idup Agi Ngelaban....thanks for your contribition....

  49. terima kasih agai bala aki inik ka ngenan ke mnua kitai ari munsuh kelia menyak,,arap ka sida lantang diau mnua sepiak."agi idup agi ngelaban"

  50. IBAN TRACKERS..SARAWAK RANGER--nyadi ka teladan askar iban rebak baru....anang berdiri aja tang mupuk berjalai nitih ka sikang orang...

  51. Tuan,

    Malam ini saya berkesempatan menonton rancangan yang disiarkan oleh astro History Channel yang bertajuk " Last journey Of Iban Trackers. Saya ingin mengucapkan Tahniah serta Syabas kepada tuan atas usaha yang Tuan telah lakukan kepada pejuang-pejuang negara.Pendapat peribadi saya..Mereka adalah pejuang sebenar dan saya amat berbangga..Usaha Tuan amat berbaloi dan saya percaya usaha yang Tuan lakukan akan dikenang dan dihargai bukan sahaja daripada waris-waris pejuang ini malah seluruh rakyat Sarawak..Dulunya mereka adalah Unsung Heroes tetapi kini seluruh negara tahu yang mereka adalah Pejuang yang tidak mengenal erti Pantang maut sebelum ajal..betullah kata pepatah Iban " Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban "

    Syabas Tuan

  52. Nyadi anak pw2 sengalang ak uyang sigi utai ke paling manah dalam pengidup dalam dunia u so much....bcoz of u pengidup menua kami hari tu meruan....tqvm abak...lov sita..

  53. 2 kali ku meda The Last journey to Sarawak... 2 kali nya meh ku belai ai mata. taja ndai bala aya aki aku ba dia tang sinu meda bala Iban ke begadai berambun mata nyaga menua... Terima kasih Let. Kolonel Robert Rizal laban nti ukai nn kih ngemai bangkai sida tu pulai ndai org begau ke perkara tu... meri besai terima kasih ka nn. Arap ka nn Let. Kol semampai gerai serta lantang senang lebuh ngereja pengawa...


    Agi idup agi ngelaban..

    I did watch "The Last Journey To Sarawak" and feel proud with our Iban Trekker. This year independence day have much more meaning to me after watching the documentary.

    I hope our government can also do their best to keep trek all the still living Iban trekker. Our government should help them with monthly pension allowance and not forgetting special awards for our living legends. I am begging to our government to be more sincere in helping them and do not double standard them after we achieve independence.

    Thanks to you Sir for giving them (iban trekker) a memorable journey back to their birth land...May god always bless u n your family for your good deed.


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  56. bisi dua iko aki aku enggau dia nama ia engkamat ak anin enggau langit ak anin..asal ari sungai ayat bangkit,katibas song...

  57. the first nameless tracker at the top sir. his name TUKAU ANAK IGOH.. came from ulu gaat kapit... my grand actually..

    1. Aaron,

      In the 1st picture? Standing 1st row/2nd row/3rd row?

  58. the first photo nameless tracker above is TUKAU ANAK IGOH.. from ulu gaat kapit.. my granfather actually.

  59. the first nameless tracker/sarawak rangers... after the word " to be continued..." Do you have a picture of Lieutenant Francis Bucking.? serve the Sarawak rangers but didnt know which era he was.. said to be the one of the earliest iban became a lieutenant.. also my grand sir.

  60. Aaron Bucking,

    If you see the picture of the 1st platoon at the top, the man in white on the right is Francis Bucking.

  61. Selamat lemai Col. Nama berita ari nuan. Arap ke gerai selalu. Nama aku Anderson gawa ba Batalion 17 PGA Lahad Datu sabah. Bedau lama tu ke udah kena 18/10/2012 aku bisi betemu enggau siko tuai kitai iban ke kala enggau nyadi Sarawak Tracker & Sarawak Ranger suba leboh ke gawa NKRA ba bandar Lahad Datu. Keterubah meda aki tu aku amai tekenyit laban tudah tuai agi kering bejalai kediri-diri ba pasar. Tuboh agi tegap taja udah tuai. Kangau ke aku tudah tuai laban ke bisi meda pantang ba lengan enggau rekong ia. Nyau kepuas becerita nanya ke ari ni menoa lalu maioh agi randau bukai, limpang mimit nanya pasal kerja tudah tuai menya. Nama aki tu Tanjong Anak Budak. Kala enggau Sarawak Tracker & Ranger kena May 1952 suba. Gawa dalam pengelama 7 bulan ba Malaya maia nya suba. Training ba Port Dickson lalu dianjong orang gawa enggau British Army di Tampin Johor, . Menoa asal aki tu ari Skrang enti enda salah aku. Enda ga aku nanya ia enggau silik agi bisi ke enda ia dalam gambar Sarawak Ranger & Tracker. Agi belala berandau lalu enggai nyadi berandau lama laban ke gawa maia ke betemu enggau ia. Bisi aku bergambar enggau ia lalu bisi mega ia megai Surat Penerang madah ke kala gawa enggau British Army. Enda tentu terang laban ke foto copy lalu asal bisi simpan ba rmh ia di Segama Lahad Datu. Nyema enti ka nemu enggau silik agi tau tel aku 014-8888082. Terima Kasih.

  62. Hi there uncle Robert,

    Very happy to find you here and thank you so much for taking the initiative where some would have refrained, and the putting up tireless effort in researching and presenting the iban warriors in the way they should have been - the best trackers in the world.

    Warm regards to you and family.

    From Edwin Jiheng,
    - son of Mej.(R) E.S. Tam (a former member of your regiment in Kuching, 10th Renjer).

  63. Thanks sharing the infos

  64. Yup Salam dari Yogyakarta Indonesia...

    Menarik sekali, Serawak Ranger... Adakah info lebih detil mengenai Pasukan ini... Sayang sekali jika nama mereka sampai dilupakan...


  65. Keberai ai mata ngenang semangat bangsa kitai.. agi idup agi ngelaban . !!!
    Nyo bersemangat aku dito !!

  66. George Anak Linggi, Sarikei.24 November 2013 at 19:42

    Terima kasih Tuan,aku minat enggau cerita Sarawak Ranger tauka Iban Tracker tu..aku cukup temegah ati nyadi anak Iban..lalu temegah ati menua kitai udah merdeka ketegal sida bujang berani kitai ti udah lesi bebadi berambun nyawa ngetan ke menua ari perintah komunis kelia menya...apai aku kala nyadi Border Scout suba..tang aku enda nemu taun berapa maia nya ba menua Binatang,diatu dikangau orng menua Bintangor.

  67. Dear Col,
    I'm Lance Corporal (r) Muhammad Jefri Bruen Abdullah from our ex-Signal Corps...This is the great information that I've need to shared it to our Sarawak young generation.... From now on, I've researching not only our SR but searching for the whole world history about a military in action since WW 1, WW 2, COLD WAR, including the untold story that never showing the truth to us in history.... I'm glad that you will be my pen pal to sharing our history information, Colonel.....

  68. Dear Colonel,
    I'm L/Cpl (r) muhammad jefri bruen abdullah, ex service of Signal Corps... I'm glad to read about a history of Sarawak Rangers iban tracker... I also researching the whole world military in combat history including our SR in action to let our young generations know about the military history that some of it were untold story... I would like also to exchange or share your story about SR unit in combat if you're don't mind, Colonel..... Thank you....

  69. Royson ak Melintang1 July 2015 at 22:57

    Gambar ia ke datas bisi medal 2 iti nya gambar aki aku..nama ia Tukau ak Igoh..medal ia
    agi bedau disimpan aku..

  70. Royson ak Melintang1 July 2015 at 22:59

    Gambar ba datas ia ke bisi medal 2 iti nya aki aku. Nama ia Tukau ak Igoh. Medal ia nya agi meruan disimpan aku.