Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Bringing the Remains of the Iban Warriors Home

Bringing the Remains of the Iban Warriors Home - A Step Closer. On 22 June 2009, I flew down to Kuching with the sole aim of making some research on the Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers in the archive of the Sarawak Museum. As it turned out, I was able to go to the archive only for two days. I was scheduled to meet two of the earliest Trackers on 23 June 2009 - Maja ak Barik and Temenggong Jinggot ak Penghulu Atan. Maja, unfortunately couldn't make it. Jinggot was staying with his son in Kuching and getting to meet him was not much of a problem. We talked most part of the morning and after lunch I brought him down to a local media, The Borneo Post where they interviewed him again to piece up a story for publication.
Having conversations with Temenggong Jinggot in the Veterans office
at Jalan Satok.
Having lunch in a restaurant not far from the Veterans office I took the opportunity to form the Main Committee to handle the whole project and a sub-committee to look into the fund raising aspect.
We had a very fruitful discussion with YB Dato Seri William Mawan.
At the end of the discussions, I presented him with a copy of my book, My Adventure.
A day later, 24 June 2009, this story appeared in The Borneo Post
And this appeared two days later.
On the whole, I felt relieved. I think we are moving in the right direction. Once the Veterans Department has received the letter from the State Government of Sarawak requesting for their assistance, only then can I see the machinery moving.
Meantime, the Fund Raising Campaign sub-committee is going ahead with the plan to launch the campaign on 31 July 2009, in conjunction with the Warriors Day in a hotel in Kuching. We hope to start the fund raising campaign with a bang. The target: RM500,000.00.


  1. Kol Robert Sir,
    I've been following your effort to bring these fallen heroes to Sarawak. But my question is, why do we have to raise fund and for what purpose.
    If the government could spend substantial amount monies and the armed forces could provide logistic and manpower to bring the bodies of ex-criminals Rosli Dhoby and his band, why can't the government do the same for these warriors.
    By the way keep up the good works.
    For your information i've link your blog to mine at , hope you can do so with mine.
    All the best to you and your committee sir!

    Mupok aku

    Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

  2. Hi Remaung,

    Thanks for reading and commenting in my blog. I have my reasons for not depending completely on the government for the fund. I want Sarawakians to get involved in the project and feel they have a part to play in it.

  3. Tahniah Robert! Nuan siku ari Bujang Berani ka balat bendar ngadu ka kitai bansa ka udah megai pengawa nyadi soldadu. Aku meri sukong ngagai nuan. Arap ka nuan majak ka pengawa manah nuan tu. Terima Kasih.

  4. Tabi Bujangnendak,

    Thank you for your kind words. Yes, this effort must continue, until it is realised.