Wednesday, 13 July 2022

APPEALING TO LIEUTENANT ALAN LEE'S NEXT-OF-KINS TO CLAIM HIS SKULL IN SARAWAK. I'm taking a long shot through my blog here. Hoping this message can get to the NOK of Alan Lee. S Lt Alan Lee was the Resident of Lingga, a District in the 2nd Division of Sarawak, during the reign of Rajah Charles Brooke in the 19th Century. He was killed in a battle against the Iban Warrior called Rentap on 24 April 1853. His head was kept by another Iban Warrior as his war trophy. It was passed on through his generation till this day. The head-hunting days in Sarawak is long gone and the skulls that used to adorn long houses have also disappeared, with the exception of a few including Alan Lee's. Today the modern generation of the Warrior who killed Alan Lee do not want to keep the head any more and wish to see it buried with the headless body of Alan Lee in the Old Cemetery in Kuching, Sarawak. I have tried to get help from the Sarawak Government and even the British Consulate in Kuala Lumpur but the response I got was not promising. From the response I got, the State Government seemed reluctant to handle the matter. I don't know the reasons. In matters like this, it should not be politicised. It is a humanitarian issue. The skull must be buried together with the body. If my approach seemed to meet a dead end, perhaps the best way is for the NOK of Alan Lee to appeal to the Govt of Sarawak to help out with the case. The NOK can contact me through my email: I will provide all the details required. Lt Col Robert Rizal Abdullah PGB Perak, Malaysia.

Monday, 4 April 2022

MY MERRY-GO-ROUND IN MY EFFORT TO UNITE THE HEAD WITH THE BODY OF LT ALAN LEE, THE RESIDENT OF LINGGA OF THE BROOKE ERA IN SARAWAK. Lt Alan Lee was killed by an Iban Warrior named Layang during a battle with Rentap in Skrang on 24 April 1853. Layang kept the head as his prized trophy and had passed it through his generation till this day. One of his last generation had contacted me to help him dispose the skull. He does not want to be burdened with its safekeeping anymore. Perhaps the Authority can reunite the head with the headless body of the poor Alan Lee who was buried at the Old Cemetry in Kuching, Sarawak. I tried contacting the Authority. No response. The other Department came to have a look at the skull but did not take subsequent actions. Don't know why. Perhaps they have their own reasons. I contacted the British Consulate. Also a dead end. It is not in their charter of duties. I was hoping at least they could refer me to any relevant Authority instead of telling me to do my own searches for the relevant Authority. I am now going the full circle. The responsibility rests with the Sarawak Government. I was told the NOK of Lt Alan Lee did come to Sarawak in search of the missing head but was unsuccessful. He found only his sword. If this news come to his attention, he can contact me through my email

Friday, 25 June 2021


The covid19 pandemic has disrupted my plan to launch my two books in Kuching, Sarawak in 2019. Anyway, the books are on sale online now. Sms me, Robert Rizal, at 6012 2751171 or email me at Most have been sold. I have limited stocks now. Those interested in Malaysia's military history, especially during the time of CPM's phase 2 of the Emergency.                                                                                                

1.  3rd Battalion Malaysia Rangers.                                                                            Language:    English.                                                                                                        Price:  RM60 (excluding postage)                                                                                Quality:  Hardcover. Pages glossy paper. 170 pages. Nail-biting stories of valour.

2.     Perjalananku (My biography). a BM translation of My Adventure.

       Language:    Bahasa Malaysia.

       Price:     RM35 (excluding postage).

       Quality:    Paperback.  200 pages. Lots of actions and adventure.


3.    The Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers 1948 - 1963. This band of elite paramilitary Iban Trackers brought from Sarawak were an indispensable part of the Commonwealth Forces that fought the Communist Terrorists during Malaya's 1st Emergency. They later became a full-pledge military unit called The Sarawak Rangers. The British loved this unit and took them to become a part of the British Army but sadly was disbanded when Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963. Read about their exploits of bravery.

Language:     English.

Price:      RM30 (excluding postage)

Quality:     Paperback.  125 pages. 


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Immortalising my three battles with the Communist Terrorists (CTs) in Sarawak in 1973.

I am trying to immortalise my three battles with the CTs in Sarawak in 1973 through my sketches.
I had always regretted for not bringing a camera to record the events. It was never thought of at that time to record events by using the camera. We had lost invaluable records that way. What a pity.

I tried to imagine and paint the situations at the time of the battles as closely as I could.

                                                 Operation Jelaku 6. A dawn attack on a CT camp on
                                          11 Oct 73 in a swampy area now known as Asajaya, near
                                          Kuching, Sarawak. Eliminated 7 CTs.

                                               Operation Beruang 1. 21 May 1973. Serian area near
                                          Balai Ringin, Sarawak. Eliminated the 4th leader of 3rd Company
Operation Jelaku 3. 28 Jan 1973. My first battle with
a group of CTs in the swamp of Asajaya. Eliminated 2 CTs.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


    The Developer
    MEGAT FARRIL b. ROBERT RIZAL is a Certified Information Security Expert.
    The Product
    He developed the encryption technology for over a decade now. His targets were corporate bodies, government ministries and departments. Sadly, there were no takers despite the fact that the technology was adjudged the best in the Security category by TERAJU and won a RM500k grant from the government.
    Learning from the failure, he redesigned the technology and make it into a friendlier gadget for individual users. Now evryone can have an affordable technology that can guarantee their computers and files within are safe from internal or external threats.
    The technology is friendly and easy to use. Just plug in or plug out.
    Speciality of the Product
    1. Encryption/decryption will be automatic.
    2. Winner of TERAJU Best of Security Award 2014.
    3. Protect your data integrity.
    4. Preserve your data confidentiality.
    5. Solution to internal and external hacker threats.
    6. The most advance AES encryption technology in the market.
    7. In compliance with Cyber Security Malaysia MYCC ISO /IEC 15408 standard.
    8. Recognized by Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputra (TERAJU), Jabatan Perdana Menteri.
    9. Awarded APICTA-MALAYSIA Asia Pacific ICT Award for Best of Security 2014.
    10. Fully Malaysian developed product.
    FOR INQUIRIES: Rizal 6012 2751171/whattsapp


Monday, 25 January 2016

Op Cahaya Bena 1 1976. Joint Malaysia/Thai op in Southern Thailand.

My Diary
What was on my mind before the Operation.
I knew the enemy we were going to face were not the same as the enemies we encountered in Sarawak in 1973 who were mainly ill-trained and under-armed. In most encounters, they wouldn't stand and fight. They would exchange fire and then ran away to save their own skin and to live another day.
Chin Peng and his men, on the other hand, were battle-hardened, well trained in the art of fighting and would stand and fight. Remember they fought the Japanese in WW 2 in Malaya through the Malayan People's Anti Japanese Army (MPAJA)? Whilst the North Kalimantan Communist Party were poorly armed, Chin Peng's men were armed to the teeth, so to say. Most of their weapons were supplied by the British forces during the WW 2 and weapons they had confiscated from our Forces in ambushes. Based on past encounters, they were good shots as well. By knowing the jungles like the back of their hands, they surely were formidable adversaries.
I was excited and concerned as well. The fighting spirit of my ancestors in me were raring to go. But I must ensure we were fully prepared in mind as well as physically.
Soldiering had been my dream even when I was still schooling. Fanned by the stories of great bravery of my forefathers told to me in the folklores, I wanted to emulate them and their prowess in the battle fields. I had been dreaming of leading my men in battles. This was another chance for me to realise my dream. But I knew at the back of my mind, I could be killed. To me Death should not be dwelt on and talked about. It is something that will come to everyone. Just leave your fate in God’s hand. He will decide when you should go. I held on to this principle in all my operations and contacts.
From the intelligence report given us, the enemy strength in each sectors entrusted to the Rifle Companies were staggering - more than our own. Some places, even double our strength. My usual Company strength was about 80 as about 30 to 40% were either on leave or on courses. I was happy in this operation I had full strength - 120 men. On top of that I brought all my Company Support weapons - the 60mm Mortars, GPMGs and the M79 grenade launchers. I was fully armed.
I waited for the day to come. I and my men were ready for the big Operation in Southern Thailand.

Use of Night Vision Goggle for Night Patrols.

My Diary
Towards the end of the famous Operation Jala Aman in 1983 in RASCOM, I was called in to help find the elusive Iban CT, Ubong, who was said to have the power to disappear and reappear at any place at his will.
Ubong was said to be in the cordoned area by troops comprising all units including the non-combatants.
I brought with me four of my most trusted men - all Ibans and a Bidayuh (Sjn Lawan, Kpl Kaya, LKpl Lan PGB and Rgr Sinku my Batman). After a briefing in RASCOM HQ in Sibu I was inserted into my Area - the left bank of Batang Rejang in the vicinity of Sg Bawan. This area was known for its strong support for the CTs as most of the Chinese living in this area were related to the CTs.
I was given no compo rations as no cooking was allowed. So we bought food such as biscuits and tinned stuffs that could last us for two weeks. We were in civilian clothes and using Iban back packs. We hoped the disguise could give us the local image. My mission was to make a surveillance on a target house that belonged to one of the CTs. It was hoped that he would return for a visit.
I was given a night vision goggle to help me move and observe at night. It was a wonder, this gadget. I patrolled the area every night and I could see my way around almost as clear as daylight! The difference was of course the images were green in colour. The gadget emitted a high-pitch sound, heard only by the person who wear it.
Luck was not on my side. Two weeks later, we were withdrawn to Kanowit, where a week after that we caught two CTs at the Kanowit jetty with the cooperation of the SBPU team and Border Scouts.