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The Beginning
     I never knew I'm an Iban Kantuk. All along I thought I am a Balau.

     Some of the Ibans from the Kapuas River Basin in Kalimantan Indonesia had migrated to the ferile lowlands in Sarawak across the mountain ranges that divide both countries in approximately 17th Century. Great Grandfather Jagar's parents came from the Malawi District in Kalimantan. By calculating the number of generations he has now, it is estimated that Great Grandfather Jagar's parents must had migrated to what is now Lachau today in the early 18th Century, well before the White Rajah, James Brooke came to Sarawak on 15 August 1839.

     The Ibans were said to be nomadic then. Perhaps during those early years they were still trying to find a suitable place to settle in. Then came the day they were tired of moving from one place to another and decided to stay put in what is Lahau today. Most probably by then, farming and planting of crops had tied them down.

     When Great Grandfather Jagar reached manhood, he was looking for a wife. He soon found out about one "anak umbong" - a virgin who was never allowed to step on the ground. She stayed at the highest part of the long house called "perabung" which was only reachable by seven very long ladders. She had seven maids who bathed, fed and clothed her.

     Great Grandfather Jagar lept to Malawi in one single bound, wrapped Great Grandmother Pandak in an Iban "pua kumbu" and flew with her to Lachau. They eloped.

     Great Grandmother Pandak gave birth to three children - all daughters, my mother Lenya, Entaya and Lilik. Mother married my father Langi and they had 8 children. Three, however, died of unknown ilnnesses. The eldest is my brother Upi, followed by sisters Impo and Jentang. I, Madang (Robert Rizal Abdullah) was next and brother Linggir was last.

Great Grandfather Jagar
     Great Grandfather Jagar was said to be a great and fearsome warrior who had special magical powers. He could fly and he could leap great distances in one single bound. That was what he did when he eloped with Great Grandmother Pandak from Malawi to Lachau.

     When his enemies, far and near, heard Jagar had settled down in Lachau, they dared not make any attempt to wage war on Lachau. Since then, Lachau had been at peace. Even during the Japanese Occupation period, Lachau was never touched by the Japanese atrocities and cruelties.

     Today, 200 years later, the Jagar clan had multiplied and expanded to many other parts of Sarawak and other parts of the world. To date there are five generations scattered throughout Sarawak and Semenanjung Malaysia.

     In line with the Country's modernisation and development, Jagar's offsprings also had been keeping abreast with with it. Amongst them, we have policemen, soldiers, government servants and some are working in the private sectors. Many are now highly educated with degrees and doctorates. Many in the Army or Police have taken to the warrior spirit of Great Grandfather Jagar. Some had shown great courage in battles with the Communist Terrorists who had tried to take over the Country. Some had been awarded with the country's bravery medals for their courageous feats.

Great Grandmother Pandak
     Not much was know about Great Grandmother Pandak. She was said to be an "anak umbong" - a very special lady who was brought up in a special way. She was never allowed to set foot on the ground now see the bare sunlight. She stayed at the highest part of a long house called "perabung" which was only reachable by seven very long ladders. Seven maids looked after all her needs. They bathed, clothed and fed her. Indeed, she must had been the daughter of a king or sultan there to having received such a special treatment.

     Basing on her three daughters, Great Grandmother Pandak must had been a very fair-skinned lady, Chinese-looking, gentle and kind. Some of us had taken that appearance and that is why we are often mistaken to be Chinese. I doubt she could be a woman of temper. Patience and hardworking would be some of her characters.

My Family Tree

A.   Jagar  +  Pandak
A1.   Tinsong (m).                                         )
A2.   Wot (m).                                               )
A3.   Gam (m).                                              )      1st Generation
A4.   Ganin (M).                                           )
A5.   Lentak (f). In Sebemban.                     )
A6.   Chalengga (f). In Gayau.                     )

A1.   Tinsong  +  ?
         5 Children.

A2.   Wot   +   ?
         7 Children.

A3.   Gam   +   ?
         6 Cildren.

A4.   Ganin   +   ?     (My Grandfather)
A4.1.  Lenya (f)                                                )
A4.2.  Entaya (f)                                               )     2nd Generation
A4.3.  Lilik (f)                                                  )

A4.1.  Lenya  +  Langi.
A4.1.1.  Upi (m).                                                 )
A4.1.2.  Impo (f).                                                )
A4.1.3.  Jentang (f).                                            )    3rd  Generation
A4.1.4.  Madang (Robert Rizal Abdullah) (m).  )
A4.1.5.  Linggir (m).                                           )

A4.2.  Entaya  +  Chundang.
           5 Children - 2 male 3 female.

A4.3.  Lilik  +  Lidang.
           5 Children - 3 males 2 females.

A4.1.4.  Madang @ Robert Rizal Abdullah  +  Raja Noriah Bt Raja Shahrom.
A4.1.4.1.  Puteri Azlin (f).                                   )
A4.1.4.2.  Megat Farril (m).                                 )    4th Generation

A4.1.4.1.  Puteri Azlin  +  Mohd Rosli Yusof.
A4.  Megat Sufi Aniq (m)                        )
A4.  Puteri Nurin Aisya (f)                      )    5th Generation

A4.1.4.2.  Megat Farril  +  Yushanida Yusof.
A4.  Megat Haziq Nazmi (m).                  )
A4. Puteri Liyana Attira (f).                     )  5th Generation
A4. Megat Airril Hakimi (m).                  )

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