Thursday, 22 March 2012


I am yet involved in the formation of yet another association that intend to look after the welfare of ex servicemen as the present PBTM, Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia (Ex Servicemen Association of Malaysia) is deemed not fully effective in looking after the welfare of the ex servicemen. There are too many grumblings and unhappiness about it.

Trying to make it change had been impossible as many members had experienced - they were expelled for speaking out. Changing the President through the Constitution also had been unsuccessful as he had built an impenetrable forts around himself. There is no mention in the Constitution, how long he could remain as President. He had been there for 18 long years! Look like he will remain there for many many more years. 

My involvement in the Yayasan Ex Servicemen League is not by choice. It started when I posted some old pictures of operations I took part in, in the 70s and 80s in my facebook. Conversations soon, inevitably, drifted to unhappiness towards PBTM. I began to feel uncomfortable as some were bitterly against PBTM. So, in order that this kind of conversation is kept out of the general public's attention, I decided to form a close forum in facebook. It was initially called EX SERVICEMEN UPDATE. As more members joined in and more serious talks were exchanged, an idea to form an Association to help the well-beings of all servicemen was raised. After the first meeting on 17 March 2012, we decided to form a "Foundation" (Yayasan) as opposed to "Association"(Persatuan) because the later has more advantages. The new name is now YAYASAN EX-SERVICEMEN LEAGUE.

A Protem Committee was formed with me as the Protem President. A heavy responsibility. With the responsibility of shouldering my Sarawak Rangers Veterans Association (SRVA) in Sarawak, I will not be able to shoulder both. I will have to unhitch one off my shoulder - that is Yayasan ESL. SRVA is closer home and therefore is closer to my heart.

As the Chairman, I was giving out my parts.

Some of the participants. L to R:  Kol Mohd Zaini,
Lt Kol Hamzah and Maj Baghwan.

A participant narrating problem he encountered

Maj Ali Khan giving his points.

One for the album. I'm in the centre. Had a lady 
participant in Maj Nora'in.

On the whole, the meeting on 17 March 2012 had been successful in starting off  Foundation Ex Servicen League. A Protem Committee had been formed and the proper Committee to serve in the first term will be selected at an AGM soon after registration is approved.

I had opted out from being the Protem President. I have too many on my hands - President of Sarawak Rangers Veterans Association (in Kuching, Sarawak), Protem President of the SP and PGB Association and Kelab Cintai Taiping (Love Taiping Club). Beside that, I don't have the energy to travel to KL everytime there is a meeting or event.


  1. Dear Rizal,
    I am glad that at last some one like you, a stalwart who has successful lead many campaigns for ex servicemen has come forward to the aid of the long suffering ex-servicemen. We are all well aware of the gutless and lack luster performance of the PBTM led by a president who has been warming his buttocks enjoying the perks and long overstayed his welcome. I am aware that this Datuk bloke is hanging in there by making the right political statements at the expense of ex servicemen and had enriched himself and his kunju kunju.Even if booting him out is not an option, there are more than one way to skin the cat, and forming YAYASAN EX-SERVICEMEN LEAGUE is one of them.

    I wish the committee  of the newly formed  YAYASAN EX-SERVICEMEN LEAGUE with you as the Protem President all the best, as you all have a Herculean task ahead. Unfortunately for me a serious spine injury while serving under RASCOM 1975  followed much later by a blotched surgery and 10 surgeries after that has left me semi crippled and put paid to me leading an active life. Thankfully the brain still works like a Rolex watch and I will speak out for this LEAGUE from time to time.  I promise to be a member of this LEAGUE. Above that I also suggest that we open a TABONG to collect money to get us off the ground and hope every one will contribute generously, I sure will.

    Best Regards

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  3. You brought tears to my eyes, not because of myself but thinking of the plights of the ex servicemen and the insincere people who are purported to be helping them but actually are looking after their own backside.

    Thank you for your undivided support. If you want to register as our member you can go to our online registration form at our blog If you have a facebook account you can join us in the forum. Just indicate to me I will register you in.

  4. Hello Sir,nama rita nuan?
    My name is Clive Einstein. We met at Taiping on 12th May,which was yesterday.
    I've read a few of your well-written and I must say,detailed articles.The way you articulate them impressed me very much.
    And the stories you've shared with my friends and I yesterday were very enlightening.
    Utai ka dipelajar ari bup history ba sekula nadai madah utai ka dicerita nuan.
    That's why I like them very much. :)